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You are an ancient soul indeed. You have chosen and been chosen to embody within the time of great change because you are familiar to the challenge. In a moment of pain, you resent the challenge. In a moment of grace you appreciate the challenge. When you Know the Truth of your timeless nature, you fear no judgment, no rejection, no outcome. It is a lesson of courage, fortitude and focus to walk the path of forgetting and remember the Truth.

Keep your focus and Know that you are so deeply Loved that your free will is not only respected, but revered by a loving Universal Force. You are a unique blessing that continues Life through your perceptions, your choices and your actions. Allow that Universal Force of Love to support you and provide you the sustenance you need to maintain the path of creating your Golden Age.

As we build on last week’s Fortitude and Focus, we see the progress of new Life beginning. There is no wrong and right in an unconditional universe, only growth as Life continues. You live in a world of choice, therefore, there is an aspect of conditionality that begets direction. While your conditions will require discernment to choose, they need not contain judgment for another.

Jamye Price > Weekly LightBlast: Preparing for the New

This is your time of active participation within an expanded awareness, connecting you to available dimensional expression. This is the Ascension - your heart and mind connecting you with a fuller dimensional expression. That which always was becomes that which is, becoming that which is experience.

Forbearance is the act of patience, the act of forgiveness and a new basis of equality reached that amends within a new circumstance. To have Forbearance there is a certain strength required within an interaction. For one that seeks to improve Life, the strength to forgive is a powerful catalyst of freedom that is generated from within. It is choice.

Each Being creates. By choice or by default - by breath; you create. It is not a contest as your games and governments would have you believe, it is a function of Life and the rules are few. Observe, choose, focus. You observe because you are part of a collective, all of the cosmos is a collective. Your interpersonal experiences are your indications of your collective permission.

Jamye Price > The Energies of December 2012

Alignment Alignment Alignment!  I just see us flooded with Light!  It’s the threshold of Light we’ve been waiting for – but our work is far from over!  It’s more about a quotient of Light that will assist us in our Lightwork, making it easier to deal with the change necessary, bringing a force of change for the better through our communal structures.

November is building into a crescendo of creative focus, the sustenance of an empowered, prepared human being. The chaos in the world around you has been testing your focus, testing your choice of Love or Fear. When an initiate encounters fear, it is a matter of will. Will denotes choice, will you or won’t you? Are you 'strong' or ‘weak’ in the face of fear? Strong and weak have many definitions.

There is an order to chaos that reveals itself. Chaos is merely a space of change that is available to subtle manipulation. It is a dissonance that is still harmonizing and synchronizing. They are two distinct characteristics though not the only characteristics of creation. Harmony is the agreement of space: you uniquely occupy space within a collective. Synchronicity is the agreement of time: space yields to shape within the guidelines of time.

Jamye Price > The Energies of November 2012

There are two main directives for November, energy is ‘clicking into place,’ and, ‘the consumption begins.’  We will discus both in detail.  You know this has been occurring before now; it just begins a collective momentum, though not everyone will have the same experience.


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