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There is an order to chaos that reveals itself. Chaos is merely a space of change that is available to subtle manipulation. It is a dissonance that is still harmonizing and synchronizing. They are two distinct characteristics though not the only characteristics of creation. Harmony is the agreement of space: you uniquely occupy space within a collective. Synchronicity is the agreement of time: space yields to shape within the guidelines of time.

Jamye Price > The Energies of November 2012

There are two main directives for November, energy is ‘clicking into place,’ and, ‘the consumption begins.’  We will discus both in detail.  You know this has been occurring before now; it just begins a collective momentum, though not everyone will have the same experience.

The Master that knows All is Well, knows that he/she is a Being, Prepared. Prepared for any blessing, prepared for any challenge, prepared for any change, prepared for any patience. The external solutions are merely part of living on Earth and are valuable, as is the internal preparation for Life.

It takes a broad view and a courageous heart to Know All is Well in these times. The current machine of Earthly life is set to disrupt conscious creation with its noise. There is a mechanism that you have within you that is receptive, for your nature is connective. Your nature is to receive the pulse of the universe into your own heart, perceive it as part of you and honor the out-breath of Life in All, so its unique impact upon the dimensional interaction is received, recorded and released to continue Life.

If you knew, really deeply knew that you were the creator of your reality, life would be a joyful, exciting, creative journey. There would an ease to patience, for there would be no worry. There would be an ease to relationships for there would be no fear. There would be a welcoming of the future, an appreciation of the past and an understanding of what is present in all things.

There is a force of connection that bears the Whole Truth of Life. Here on Earth you see that you are separate from all else, yet understand the interconnection. When you eat, you are separate from the food, but then in consumption the food becomes part of you. When you interact with others, you are separate from them in form and perception, yet you unite to share and influence experiences.

Jamye Price > The Energies of October 2012

October is a collective movement month.  The movement will be visible in the collective and those that are well with change and implementation, will find a natural progression.  As we move into a month of 10 (with the energy of 8), we begin to understand the flow of the individual within the collective.

We anchor another layer of Galactic Free Space, our holographic universal nature of Being. From the July purge came the August surge of personal responsibility and manifestation. As we released pain, fear, separation, etc., and as we integrated the potent Light infusions, we came to a new level of potential.

The words, the order, the timing are all important, just as Creation forms. The channeled topic leads way to the information flow that supports your moment in time, which leads way to your understanding of the new future you are birthing forth. The words are coded with information and your infallible Higher Self, your astute human Self, unravels it for your benefit. There is information in each moment that is silent and invisible, yet potent with Truth, unraveled just the same.

For eons you have understood your nature, that which is around you, that which is within you. It brings with it the information of that which was, that which is and that which will be. They are not separate, in fact they are merged within you. The limitless information that is delineated via Time is available to you and to All. There have been many ‘misuses’ of the information, blocks to the information and benefits from the information


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