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Blessed Being, you are a reflection of unconditional Love in human form. The world of form has conditions. So how do you reconcile the unconditionality that feels so right in your heart, with the conditional reality in which you live?

Why does this greedy one have that when we’re told that Love is powerful? Why does war, abuse and greed continue? It can seem sometimes as if Love is the exception.

Jamye Price > March 2016 Ascension Energies

In March, there will be more energy around perceptions, perspectives, how we are shaping our experience with our minds, and how we can open the mind so that it follows the heart.

When the world is clamoring for your attention in negative ways, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in human form.  When traumatic events are unfolding, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in action.

Jamye Price > Weekly LightBlast: Being One With Life

We are moving into alignment with our Fullness. This is a process of expansion; expansion of knowledge, expansion of perception, expansion of compassion. The middle road expands to contain All. This could be called integration, inclusion, understanding or Oneness. We are opening to see the Whole picture, the unseen, the potential, the unity that contains the separation. The Divine Balance, the Sacred Marriage. It is within you, it is all around you. You are unique, whole unto yourself and united with All Life.

There is so much Love for you that Life perceives whatever you form as perfect. It is easy in the moments of grace. Yet in a moment of pain, Life opens to you just as easily, allowing that pain to flow through the creation of itself - Loving you incessantly without condition.

Blessed Being, your biomechanism is completely interactive with the physical and non-physical structure around you. Your evolution, your Ascension, is at a point of interaction with the subtle realms that is opening you to more creative empowermen.

May is a 5 month, which signifies change.  We’ve still got a lot of planets in Aries until about mid-May (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter until early June), the sign of new beginnings, so there is great potential for movement in May.  While we had a lot of planets in Aries in April, though that month had more of a feel of preparation and inner work rather than full thr

Complete Knowing is a state of Allowance. It is an active observant state, which is a state of awareness and active participation, without the need to force outcome - for within Complete Knowing is the understanding that All Is Well. Complete Knowing is the formula of Free Choice, for in the interactive design of life on earth is the Knowledge that All Life returns to its Source of Love, so time and pathway are of no consequence in the larger scheme of Life. Human perspective differs here.

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