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We are preparing for a massive opening with the 11/11/11. Neptune is nurturing the salty disappointments, fears, misperceptions and abuses that have separated us from ourselves, each other and the full creative flow of Love. Within the depths are the last vestiges of disconnection reaching out to be embraced in the powerful strength of forgiveness and love. You see it in the eyes, you feel it in the heart; the gushing relief of I love you just as you are.

There is an innate wisdom to humanity, it is within you and ever-expanding.  The system of Life within which you reside is an aspect of you, and you are It. 

To be present in the now moment, you need merely allow your attention to follow the data that is presented to you. You have emotional, physical and mental reactions to all that you are experiencing.

We are in a grand time of much change available.  Ascension is merely rapid evolution and it is a natural part of life. 

Jamye Price > The Energies of November 2014

November will have less of a feeling of saying no (letting go) and more of a focus on, “Yes! This is what I want to create!”

Jamye Price > The Energies of January 2016

Get ready to shine even brighter! As we have become more aware of the impact of what we are emanating and receiving, we will be offered more opportunities to choose and emanate accordingly in 2016.

April heart.  Sharing is the theme of April.  Sharing your Light, sharing your Love, Sharing Life with this magnificent world.  This is heart energy in action.  We begin the month with the sun inspiring Aries into magic and the full moon in Libra on April 6th illuminating loving justice (loving just is).  We bond the miraculous into form through Love.  Your magical heart is the connective service that you share with Self and others so that your infinite Divinity pulses through Life.

We are reaching the midpoint of 2014 and I am reading a new balance for June.  It hasn't been an easy place to reach, we have had some intense times lately.  That intensity isn't quite over, but I feel a bit of a reprieve in June, though quite a bit of activity.

Jamye Price > Weekly LightBlast: Catastrophe Averted

Within you is the power to create. You are a creative being, a Builder of Form. Your ability to respond to the moment of creation is your internal set point of time and management of other energies. You have passed a threshold of Time that really speaks to your awareness, your focus and your ability.

Jamye Price > The Law of Resonance

Generally fundamental resonance is determined by the lowest frequency, yet we each have multiple frequencies within us. In essence, your fundamental resonance is determined by your lower chakras. 


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