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As we look toward a new yearly cycle, it is helpful to appreciate what we are transitioning from. 2017 was a year that called us to go deeper into our Empowered Sovereignty as an individual, so that our connections with life are stronger and clearer, rather than lacking healthy interactions.

Blessed Being, Life on Earth is an experience of the dual nature of internal and external. You balance both to reach an Ascended state of being, moving beyond the separation of the two and into the connection of the two becoming One.

Much of your awareness resides in your unconscious mind, your subconscious awareness. Begin utilizing your intuitive senses, your choice and your actions toward clarity of feelings, thoughts and expression.

We begin the sixth month with a solar eclipse on the new moon in Gemini on 6/1.  The first of three.  Here we enter a new level.  This is an eleven day (6+1+2+0+1+1=11).  This eclipse series is a catalyst for a new level of balance in Mastery.  Are you creating your life the way a Master would?  Balanced in observing What Is, releasing limiting expectation and choosing improvement? 

After the releasing of July, in August we moved to a new level of personal responsibility, thus we have increased our potential with manifestation. These levels of responsibility that we move into correlate with collective ability and collective necessity. As a Lightworker you are to be the bastion of hope and the oracle of focus, foretelling a future into the now.

Resistance is fertile when it serves your choice of flow. Is your life moving too fast for comfortable integration? Resist the urge to keep running and slow to a restful place.

It is your choice as to what you create. So many think there is no choice, but with the mere feeling of hope, you find a doorway to new solution. Have patience as you re-form and focus as you nurture courage. This is an interactive hologram, a field of awareness and response that creates form from seemingly subtle signal. Have you heard the jarring cry of fear, of anger, of hatred?

As you move along the path of Ascension, you find yourself Forgetting in odd ways. The experience is different for each, but All are experiencing an evolution that is creating an internal change.

Ascension is a path of empowerment. Yours. That results in a changed experience throughout the Earth as each individual becomes a strong, loving, creative being. 

All experiences on Earth and within your observable universe around you have force. It is imbued in life. In a moment, force is either passive or active, the engine of opposites connecting.


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