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The mirror. It’s easy to focus on what is in front of your eyes, it’s even easy to resonate to a lovely spiritual teaching you hear, read or feel. What takes effort is to see beyond the obvious and to apply spiritual practice without judgment, expectation or obedience. To see Divinity in each moment, each experience, each person, each challenge, each grain of dirt – that is God Reflection. Different forms, different focus; yet God in form.

We are entering a great time of Empowerment. You see it all around you on the world stage, though it often looks like discord in the beginning. Sometimes the old must be knocked over before the new can be built. Sometimes it’s difficult circumstances that gather world focus towards compassion through great challenge. Maintain your focus as much as possible and Know that All is Well, even if some time must pass as things shift.

Jamye Price > Your Sacred Heart

This is the time of the sacred heart because it is the time of Love. It is here that the human finds the complete remembrance of the Truth of Love, though it may not be accessed completely in the first moment.

The LightBlast is a code mechanism (among many) that is progressively clearing, activating and empowering Lightworkers to expansion.  It is designed to assist those who are focused on self-improvement and living the path of service in the way that is appropriate for their specific journey.   The path of service is best stated as a path of sharing, as you find that your internal expression of Love is the catalyst that creates change in the world. 

Your heart is your center of flow, for it is Love’s circulation vehicle that feeds and fuels Life.  Love has many aspects and it threads through all of Life.  Some of its facets are easy to mistake for no Love, but in truth, they are merely calling for Love’s embrace.

This dance between the expanse of separation and unity is fascinating. Each week we are propelled in a direction of integration that assists in the release of what blocks us from appreciating the full spectrum of life. This is the middle road expanding out to include all, it’s the peace which passes all understanding. We are coming to a cellular understanding of the natural laws of the universe, All Life is interconnected and all experience serves the continuation and flow of life.

The heart action of April is giving way to the empowered wholeness of May. How brave have you been? Perfectly brave is the only truth, for you are a wise Being that seeks expansion and expression through Love’s Grace, even when that seems chaotic. Last week’s Fellowship opened us to enjoying more of Life, more of the world, more of creation.

One is Whole Within. A separate unit of one is united in One Whole. You are this separate, complete Being, united with All Life. It is your story that seems unique, and it is; yet it is the story of Life that All share. Your fractal significance is that your perspective adds a new angle to the story. Expansion occurs automatically, it is the blessing of time.

Blessed Being, freedom is an internal experience. You reside in physical separation to participate with connection from a unique perspective. Your unique perspective is valuable, it is sovereign unto you, and it is the perspective of Life through you.

Peace is our gateway to neutrality. Neutrality balances our inner power that magnetizes change for the better. Without neutrality we are too polarized to allow change easily. This can manifest as trying so hard to hold onto the ‘good’ that we restrict the flow of change, or trying so hard to avoid the ‘bad’ that we also stop flow.

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