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The action phase of summer continues.  July will be a month of movement, clearing and free-flowing ideas.  You’ll find your mind moving rapidly, thus your work will be to aim it (tame it?) in the direction that supports you rather than stagnates.  We have some powerful astrological support that will inspire the optimist, ignite the activist and reveal the limits of the pragmatist.  We are best served to recognize all three are within and bring the Three into One unified force of positive Flow.  It is the optimist that brings forth inspiration, dreams and the thrust of feeling into life. 

We are continuing on last week’s theme of releasing beliefs that no longer serve our Empowerment (Joyful, Creative, Love-based living and more ease with challenge). Last week we worked on Allowing Access to Core Beliefs. With that process we began to observe more of life from a perspective of new possibility, new solution, Exciting Peace and Freedom as we align with our Divine Nature.

Over the next few months, the LightBlast will be opening us to a balanced ego that understands our Sovereignty and Empowerment and interacts with the world from a space of Freedom, Love and Sharing Joy.  I capitalize these words when they have an expanded meaning that applies to living as a Divine Human, merging Source perspective with human perspective.  Thus Freedom isn’t just ‘I don’t have to’ or ‘I can if I want to;’ it becomes ‘Creativity is infinite and humanity’s unbounded capacity to create is unique and united.’ 

Expectation is another theme (just like last week’s Freedom) that resurfaces intermittently. As I have watched surprising manifestations and changes over the years, I’ve noticed that expectations within fear will often limit the manifestation. Certainly not all expectations come from fear, nor am I one who thinks we should have no expectations. On the contrary, I expect improvement all the time! But expectation out-of-balance is commensurate with limitation.

In 2011, we haven’t gone a full 2 months without some Freedom focus and here it comes again. Freedom is a big one, it requires individual thinking in a world of suppression and marketing savvy. I notice as all the bad news (or ‘good’ news?) goes on in the world around me and sometimes specific to my own life, I react and spin in my feelings about it. It’s not that I desire to have no emotions about the things that go on around me, I welcome the emotions. It’s that I desire not to be controlled by the circumstances around me. This is where we find Freedom Is Mine.

We begin the sixth month with a solar eclipse on the new moon in Gemini on 6/1.  The first of three.  Here we enter a new level.  This is an eleven day (6+1+2+0+1+1=11).  This eclipse series is a catalyst for a new level of balance in Mastery.  Are you creating your life the way a Master would?  Balanced in observing What Is, releasing limiting expectation and choosing improvement? 

All can be accomplished with Excellent Communication. I think it is so cute how this LightBlast came through. ‘Excellent’ always seems so sweet to me, perhaps because Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a fun, campy staple of my college years; there was such a joyful innocence to that movie, yet a nice message (Be excellent to each other). Remember that courage from Allowing Another Within from last week? Well, it ain’t over yet! (Is bad grammar allowed in Excellent Communication? LOL!) Communication is a sharing. In its fullest sense, Excellent Communication entails complete honesty.

This is a time of great empowerment if we are well with change. Change is best served by listening to our heart and Trusting Love to Create. It takes great empowerment because the world does not automatically reflect Love to you at this time. It has been reflecting traumatic natural disasters, greed, abuse, lies, war, lack, blame. Not easy stuff to Love. You don’t have to Love it, your job is to Love Life. Love the process that is before you; find the thread of Love, the thread of possibility for Love within it and loom a new fabric of Life.

This is a powerful time of recognizing our potent creative abilities. We have had this lesson all year as the December solstice and eclipses propelled us into a new level of personal responsibility and Creative responsibility. It is our inner attention and emotional output that emanate a call to Creation. Our heart is a powerful electromagnetic organ that speaks to us through emotion and communicates to the world around us via the electromagnetic field. As we feel Love, we are emanating a vibration of Love that magnetizes more Love to us. As we feel fear, we are emanating a vibration that magnetizes more fear.

How bright is the Light Within you? Are you feeling its warmth, the glow of excitement and the electricity of expansion? This is Love. Love is Freedom Aligned. Love is the reason, the rhyme, the elixir and the flavor. It brings each moment to Glory, it brings polarity to understanding, it brings release to fear, it brings Creation to your physicality. Within Freedom Aligned, there is only Love. Not just one feeling - All is Love.


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