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Jennifer Hoffman > Change, Choice, Control and Priorities

For the last 5 days I had no electricity, as my area was hit by the high winds and heavy rain from hurricane Michael. When the power first went out I waited for a few hours for it to return and went to bed in the dark, thinking it would be on by morning.

Jennifer Hoffman > The End of the Journey is a New Beginning

For those of you who ask when does the ascension cycle end, when is the end of the journey, you must know that this is a journey without end. The process of ascension into higher states of being, dimension, frequency, awareness, and vibration is one that has been present since the first dawn of light in the universe, and it continues throughout the universe without end.

Jennifer Hoffman > September 2018 Energy Report

September finally brings us some relief from the relentless spiritual and emotional excavation we have had since May. If you’re tired of going over old ground and revisiting the past, you’ll welcome September’s energy.

Jennifer Hoffman > Light Up the Dark Night of the Soul

The soul and ego create an agreement for each lifetime in which the soul provides the opportunities for learning and healing that the ego agrees to complete. This is the soul mission and the life purpose of each lifetime.

Jennifer Hoffman > Energy and Addictions

I once knew someone who was addicted to shopping. She spent thousands of dollars on clothes, shoes, and jewelry on her daily shopping trips. When she maxed out her credit cards, she got new ones under different names.

Jennifer Hoffman > Danger — Emotional Black Hole Ahead

We should have a warning sign to alert us when we’re activating our emotional black holes, like the robot on the Lost in Space TV show (from the 1960s) that would wave its arms around and say ‘Danger Will Robinson’ when danger was approaching.

Mother’s Day was celebrated in many parts of the world this past weekend and everyone has a different opinion of this day. For those whose cherished mother has passed on, they may have spent the day in sadness or regret...

I have long suspected that I had some serious past life issues around being a prisoner, being shackled, persecuted, tormented, judged and suffering as a result of injustice, power, persecution, and control.

Uriel Heals > May 2018 Energy Report

May 1 is traditionally known as May Day, which is both a celebration of spring, new growth, and fertility and the internally recognized distress call. It’s an interesting play of energies and a potent symbol of where we stand now.

Jennifer Hoffman > Overcome the Lesson by Re-Purposing the Energy

How do we overcome the challenges of our life lessons? When do we get to the point where they are no longer obstacles to our growth, transformation, and joy?


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