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Kara Schallock > The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013

Know that the energy of this Full Moon/Eclipse continues, so what I share here may be integrated for many months to come…

As I have shared many times before, the Full and New Moons, along with Equinoxes and Solstices, are auspicious times of upgrading our bodies with rays of Infinite light. On this particular Full Moon (7:44p.m. MST), our New relationships are especially activated with Sacred Agape Love. This is enhanced by powerful solar see the higher purpose and synchronicity of this? Solar=male; lunar: female. And so on this day, there is great balance within our higher, more evolved spiritual male and female energies.

Kara Schallock > Up Up Up

Regardless of gateways and portals, we have ongoing high dimensional Light flowing to us, into us and around us. This Love helps to dislodge what we may still cling to; that which is old and keeps us in the old.

Generally speaking, we have risen so high in consciousness, there is no returning to old life. This is the higher Truth. When we do dip back into old life, it is so uncomfortable and alien, we can’t wait to get back to where we really are and that is being fully in the New.

Kara Schallock > Surrendering and Flowing to What Is

Even while we are releasing very deep and very old patterns, we are definitely absorbing more Light, more Love and more Magic! As we clear, we also are clearing our space (aura and environment).

Kara Schallock > All of Life is in Divine Order

We continue to receive great Light. Those who are especially sensitive may feel it especially in their physical bodies in the form of back pain and nausea; of course, there may be other manifestations depending on what is most important for you to experience for your evolution.

What an amazing shift is happening throughout the world! As we view compassionately others and ourselves, there is no doubt that much is crumbling. This is all part of the Great Shift, for we cannot go forward till we release the old baggage. Our old stories must go too. Begin anew, think big, be more (not do more). This is not a time to try and hold onto perceived security or save anything/anyone.

Kara Schallock > Being Love; Being Peace

We continue to have ongoing influxes of Light downloads. All this Light brings up more and more old energies that no longer serve us. Old beliefs surface, along with grief, perceived loss, perceived abandonment and more.

Some big energy is arriving on Earth, so expect some big changes in your world. Stay awake and shift any areas of ‘comfort zone’ and move into new ways of responding to change and challenge. We’re receiving new configurations, and so is Gaia, in order to further shift our bodies (mentally, emotionally & physically) into its new crystalline blueprint.

Kara Schallock > 12:12

Since 10-10-10, we have gathered in many numbers with a sincere Heart to bring into us and out to the plethora of Life upon the planet great Light. And so, 12-12 is yet another golden portal, connecting the Great Pyramid portal with that of Australia and South America’s Peruvian Gateways, creating the Trinity. For on 12-12-10, there will be the number 33; the Christed number; a part of the Trinity...Body, Soul and Spirit. This energy then is completed on the Solstice, which is a 3; the Full Trinity.

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