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Over the past few years unexpected upheaval and change have shaken our world giving us the opportunity to release the outdated structures and habits which have governed our lives for eons.

We start this week in the light of the Full Moon which will increase our sensitivity and heighten emotions.  As this is the first Full Moon of 2022 it carries the energies of new beginnings...

Our world is changing at a rapid rate as old structures and patterns continue to break down and we are forced to reassess our lives and the way in which we choose to live.

As we move into the middle of this month Mercury shifts into retrograde until the beginning of February. Typically, Mercury Retrograde offers us a time of reflection where we are encouraged to review, re-examine, and reassess.

Over the past few years, the world has been turned upside down giving us the opportunity to simplify, slow down and allow the essence of who we truly are to emerge. As a result, we have been encouraged...

We are changing in ways that have never been experienced before and at a level that is creating a profound shift in the foundational structures of our physical reality.

January is a month that marks the threshold of an entirely new and more intensely personal phase of our global transformation as the incoming energies continue to upgrade the current energetic structures and expose what needs to change.

This is a transitionary time where we are moving away from what is known and further into the unknown. The incoming energies are bringing some deep and profound inner shifts which are inviting us to restructure our lives in ways...

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As much as we would like to leap forward and into the new, we are still in a time where deep inner shifts are occurring creating in the depths of our being a release of any old energy, and the habits and beliefs that keep us stuck.

With a new year comes a new cycle that is pregnant with the possibility of a new life and a new direction. The energies of this month are paving the way for a new beginning in all areas of life and as such we can expect change and transformation to continue.

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