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This year has facilitated a powerful inner transformation. With so many difficult and challenging experiences we have been forced to face, process, release and realign our entire being.

For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA.  We also have a further ten energetic DNA strands which have been dormant within the Human Being for many centuries.  These dormant strands of DNA

This is a life altering week through which we quantum leap into a new dimension of consciousness. With this leap we are shedding old skin and releasing the karmic entanglements which have kept us stuck in old structures and the beliefs about what is possible.

In these final weeks of 2020 there are cosmic gateways and alignments occurring that will profoundly shift everything. These gateways and alignments bring some incredibly powerful energies, which will give us the final thrust we need to fully disengage from the past.

As the old world continues to rapture a new soul guided reality is emerging to replace the old, dominating and ego driven world. The challenges we face are being emphasized pushing us towards transformation.

Today we have an important New Moon Solar Eclipse. Eclipses act as doorways, gateways of choice and as we move through this eclipse and towards next week’s Solstice Conjunction, we are offered the opportunity...

Spirit Pathways > Full Moon

This months Full Moon arrives through the 11:11 gateway adding to the powerful energy currently flooding the planet. The Full Moon brings an expansiveness to the already intensified atmosphere of our lives.

Kate Spreckley > Natural Flow

We are moving through a time of dissolution where old patterns of energy are released and cleared. As a result, both collectively and individually, our realities are changing, teaching us to live honestly and authentically without the need for deception or deceit.

The old world is rupturing and in 2018 we see the continuation of this process.  The governments, wars and abuse of woman and children is the old world dying off.  It is may seem that these external disasters and challenges are building, but they are being emphasised pushing us to change. 

This has been a year of powerful and intense energy, which has significantly enhanced our awareness and expanded our consciousness. Many profound changes have occurred as much of what we previously perceived as reality has come up for revision.

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