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Gloria Wendroff
God said: Yes, it is My Voice you hear. You hear My Voice through the openness of your heart. My Voice drums in your ears. And My Voice runs through your bloodstream. Within your pulse is My Voice. I am like caller who calls out to the rowers, “Row.” You are filled with impulses from Me. Through your impulses, I am urging you on. When you have an impulse to get up and do a good deed, get up and do it before the time is past. Follow the impulses of your heart. Do not save them up. Use them right away. Do not weigh them, the impulses I send to you. Go with them instead. When pennies rain from Heaven, pick them up right away. That is how to deal with impulses of the heart. When you feel the tiniest impulse to do a good deed, run with it. Do not analyze it. Get up and do it. You have your heart for a reason. Your heart pumps blood, yes, and it pumps impulses for the benefit of the world.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2625 A Beautiful World

Beloved Children of My Heart, your heyday is coming. All your dreams are coming true. Do not think that your wish-fulfillment comes simply as a boon from Heaven. Your wishes will be fulfilled by dint of the beauty and power of your heart. Fulfillment is a gift you will give to yourself.

Right now you can toss miracles at yourself, right and left.

Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > Surviving the Storm

Gloria Wendroff

What prevents you from doing what you have already decided to do? Once decided, what prevents you from leaping into action? Vowing and doing belong together. Do not make vows you will not keep, not even to yourself. And do not say, "I do," unless your heart is in it.

Lauren C. Gorgo

Feeling disoriented? Lost? Floating without an anchor? Confused about your next steps?

We are between worlds again, connecting to a new time line, and as always this transition period of nothingness will soon pass.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2572 Choose

Beloveds, you don't have to learn the hard way. Get that idea out of your mind. It is better to think that making your way in life is easy. This one thought alone will add glow to your life.

Of course, life is easy. There is nothing to it. You just inhale and exhale and go on your merry way.

Gloria Wendroff

Hello, Beloved. How are you today? What are you up to? And do you think of Me? Do you think of Me brightly, the way you embrace a summer breeze? Will you play with Me today? Can We have fun? Can We be unserious? Can We choose delight today? Can We let go of seriousness? Can We play as if We were Beings of Light?

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2876 The Earth Circles the Sun

In every Heavenletter, in one way or another, I say to you to get out of the past. I say to let attachment go, for it holds you back. It ties you up. Attachments become reins you put around yourself. With attachment, you hobble yourself.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2740 The Peace of Love

When will you believe Me that everything is all right? When will you believe that the sun will shine tomorrow whatever may occur? Even in the midst of war, the sun rises. The sun rises above the horizon every day, regardless of whether you are having a good day or a bad day. Of what perplexity does the sun take to heart? The sun shines, and love

Yael and Doug Powell
Always you must feel My Love. Open your heart into our glorious communion and leap, beloved ones, beyond the realm of the ego dream Now.


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