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Karen Bishop
Steve Irwin's passing is still sending reverberating energy around the globe, and he could not have departed at a more perfect time, as you will see through this latest message. I don't believe I have recovered yet myself…I still feel such a great loss. And the eclipses are contributing to this New space we are in as well; so you see, all is aligning and unfolding perfectly.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Grace

Quado Message: Today, we will talk about grace. That moment in which it all comes together. That brief moment in which everything is exactly the way it should be. That brief moment when it is clear to you and your life makes sense. The moment when love is as tangible as the chair you sit in, as real, more real than anything else in your life.
Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Whatever your heart is aching about, it doesn't have to. Aching hearts are perturbed hearts. It is not some great thing to have an aching heart. It is not a preventive nor is it a cure. Whatever ache your heart carts around, it spills over onto the world. Your heartache is like rain that falls and reaches many.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Joy

Quado’s Message: Today, we continue in our Course in Creation, helping you to create a joyful and fulfilling life for the time you are here.  And today, our focus is on joy.  Simple joy, pure joy.  This week, your assignment is very simple.  You are to learn to feel joy.  You are to teach yourself that you are capable of filling yourself with joy no matter what is happening in your life.  You are to learn that joy is something you create inside, not something which is imposed from outside by circumstances and other people.  This week, learn that you are truly the creator of your life, and learn it by creating joy in every moment.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Stop trying to solve your life

You and your life are not problems to be solved.  You are not something to be cleaned up and made better, to be repaired as if you were broken.  You are a flower ready to blossom. You are a treasure to be uncovered, sparkling gold and silver, gems beyond imagining.  You are a song ready to be sung, a dance that only needs the right music.  And the music is drifting across on the breeze right now.
Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > Basking

Greetings!     The bottleneck energy is beginning to dissipate, and what a difference it is making! An energetic shift occurred on Sunday, August 27th, and we are now once again able to experience a more free flowing and peaceful energy. Sleeping patterns are shifting into more peaceful ones…and you may feel like sleeping in the daytime hours as well, as this shift can create so much peace and tiredness, that sleeping and resting is all you may want to do! With so much flurry and movement since the beginning of July, I do believe we deserve a rest! As we continue to migrate with like-minded and similar energies, our “herds” are still growing as well. You may have recently acquired a new family member, whether in human or animal form, and this pattern will continue on as we build our families more and more. And what a glorious feeling it is.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Balancing Excitement and Peace

There is a balance to be struck between your yearnings toward spiritual enlightenment and peace and your desire to be vibrantly connected to this life.  For one of the fun parts of this lifetime is excitement, hope, expectation, and yet you know that this is the cause of disappointment and frustration.  And yet the avoidance of expectation can seem flat, without that extra zip of hope, the heart beating faster, the rush of possibility. If you want to keep this adrenalin rush, yet avoid falling too far when the drug is withdrawn and you crash out of your daydreams, there are several things that you can do.
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The following is the third message that we received in the Yucatan this past December.  It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason.

Carrie Hart

Quado > The Glowing Wonder that is You

Today is a day to focus on your own beauty, the glowing wonder that is you.  Today, spend a moment in quiet, breathe down to a peaceful place, and then see the light that shines within you, the beautiful glowing light in your center.  Take time to contemplate this light.  See its beauty as it glows steadily and brightly in your center. This light is always there, glowing, even when you cover your gifts, even when you hide in shame or shyness or when you feel that others are keeping you from shining out.  Even so, the glow is there; the shining does not stop. You are still you, with all of your talents and abilities.  You are still you, with the unique way that you view the world, your own way of expression.  You are still you, and you are still made of love, love unending, love that is a part of the great endless flow of love that is the essential heart of being.  All of this is true, no matter what.
Carrie Hart

Quado > End the Struggle

I feel so many of you struggling.  You feel like a fly caught within the spider’s web, and the more you struggle, the more deeply entangled you become.  And then, you begin to define yourself by the struggle. I have a weight problem, you say.  I try so hard but I continue to gain.  I can’t handle money.  I try so hard, but abundance eludes me.  No matter what I try, no matter how I struggle, my addictions and habits entangle me.  Why?  Why is it so difficult for me? And on and on goes the busy mind, struggling harder and pulling the spider’s web more and more close, until you are encircled and bound like a helpless fly.  And so what is to be done to release you?


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