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Greetings from Home We gather once again in the magic that you have created this day. Dear ones, do you know who you are? We are here to help you understand that process, for you have created the magic that you now call The Third Earth. It has begun already. And as each one of you now takes your own hand at the intentional creation process, you create a new matrix of Earth. You create a new reality, not just for yourselves but beginning with the human race and moving through different levels from that point forward. You are the magicians of the Gameboard, dear ones. You are creating beyond your greatest dream—beyond your greatest hope. It has already begun. Intersection of Realities

Lightworker > Gamus Interruptus

Last month we did the Web of Love experiment and it was more powerful than even I had imagined it could be. We estimated 200,000 Lightworkers globally connected hearts to open a new form of communication. The scientific results along with the announcement of the next time we will repeat this global connection will be posted on the Web of Love section of as soon as it is available. Thanks for your support and participation. As the Group was fond of saying in the early days of the Beacons of Light messages, “When you hold hands together in focused intent, you change your world.” All of the hosting partners, Barbara, myself and the entire staff at Lightworker thank you for holding our hands as we all walk into the future together.
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