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May's full Moon in Sagittarius is an enormous one - a real doozy. It is going to be a bit of a wild ride, particularly on the world stage. Mars is exactly conjunct (together with) this new Moon, ramping up feelings, responses, events, etc, and driving energies that may sometimes be a little hard to handle (or to get a grip on).

June's full Moon in Sagittarius is an interesting one, and one that could be rather difficult to navigate. The few weeks leading up to it have been fairly gnarly and stressful for many and we are being tested along the path it seems, with some people being tested rather severely. 

So, this eclipse is not a particularly powerful one in astronomical terms - but - it is an incredibly powerful one in terms of the astrological.

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The annular solar eclipse (solar eclipses are always on a new Moon) in Taurus is the second of three consecutive eclipses. So, with this eclipse, we are half-way through this current eclipse season.

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November's total solar eclipse is going to be a big one and it marks a period that we will probably remember for a long time to come. The effects of eclipses are generally seen as lasting for several months, some say as long as nine months. My take on it is that the effect stretches into the future, and whatever is given birth to at the time around the eclipse holds the energy of that eclipse, so it's energy can be around for a very long time.

January's full Moon falls on January 26 in the United States and January 27 in Australia. The theme of this full Moon is very much about overthrowing the 'old guard' and taking on the new. It shows a need to get your own agenda going, not to bend to the needs or desires of others when they really don't have anything to contribute to your sense of self or accomplishment.

June's Gemini full moon falls on the 13th June and is a pretty super-charged and gnarly one. Yes, again. The Big Kahunas of this full Moon are Venus in Taurus opposite Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

This is a very testing new Moon. Of course, there will be many breakthroughs and rewards and wonderful things. However, the energies are likely to be pushing some people to the limit and it may be time for some to declare that enough is enough.

Occurring on January 30 in the United States and January 31 in Australia, the Aquarian new Moon is an interesting one that promises inspiration, change and a deeper understanding of ones' place in the world.

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