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The Libra new Moon on October 4 in the US and October 5 in Australia, is on an interesting degree that speaks about emerging from the dark, dropping the difficult attitudes and coming into the light.

July's Cancerian new Moon occurs on July 8. Although times have been intense for longer than I can remember, this lunation feels like a bit more of a walk in the park. Having said that, the lead up to it, the days just before it, may be a bit testing with the Sun opposing Pluto and then the Moon opposing Pluto in the hours before the new Moon.

It is a rather intense, meaningful and rather Saturnian full Moon as Saturn sits right between the Sun and Mercury and opposes the full Moon.

I am a little later than usual with this new Moon posting. Please do remember that the effects of the new Moon last into the future - it's not all over with a bang the minute the new Moon (or the full Moon for that matter) occurs.

It's a very meaningful lunation, and one that is bound to bring all kinds of energies to the table. The new Moon is in a trine aspect with Saturn, which can have us feeling the need to get organised, to lighten our loads, to free up energies that have been seemingly stationary for some time.

We are in eclipse season and March's full Moon is an appulse lunar eclipse, otherwise known as a penumbral lunar eclipse. Occurring on March 23, this eclipse is not a total eclipse.

March's new Moon is on March 4 in the United States and March 5 in Australia. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 14: A Woman Wrapped In Fox Fur. She presents a beautiful image and one has the sense that she radiates intelligence, grace and wealth. The ‘Fox Fur’ carries the feeling of protection being given through the use of wit, tact, diplomacy, glamour and intellect. There is an aura of “street smarts” about the ‘Woman Wrapped in Fox Fur', like she could get out of (or into) any situation that she chooses.

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This is an interesting full Moon as it is rather Neptunian (but not too much), and can bring love, realizations, healings, new possibilities, new territories, etc.

The Pisces full Moon occurs on August 31 and it brings some interesting messages with it. It is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, and it gives us a chance to figure out just what those stories are and how relevant they are to our lives. The next full Moon, occurring on September 30, is conjunct Uranus, so it seems that we can have a look at how to engage Chiron to effect a healing and then to make use of Uranus in order to make some decisions next month.

October's Libran new Moon falls on October 15 and it signals new starts, announcing new beginnings, but it can also signify a lot of noise and 'hot air' being blown around. I imagine we'll be hearing a bit of both, especially with the elections happening in the United States.


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