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Neale Donald Walsch > Getting Started

My dear friends...

And Time rolls on...doesn't it? So fast that it makes my head spin...

I mean, look at it! It's already February. A moment ago it was Christmas, a breath ago it was the beginning of the New Year - and now it's February!

We continue this week our ongoing series on The Holy Experience. As I said last week, the second step in creating the Holy Experience is understanding that you are worthy of having it. This understanding is born of the clarity that God finds us whole, complete, and perfect just as we are, in this moment, for we are not judged by God in any way. 

Neale Donald Walsch > Meaning of Christmas

I couldn't sleep last night.
I was up from 2 until 6, having another one of my Conversations with God.
"Tell me about Christmas," I said. "What is it really all about?"
And I heard, "What do you mean, what is it really all about? I've told you a million times what it's all about."

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