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We are embarking on a period during which humanity will create a new understanding of who God is, and what God wants. You and I will be creating that together in the days and weeks, months and years just ahead.

To some people I guess it makes perfect sense, feels perfectly alright: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Wikipedia tells us that the phrase expresses a principle of retributive justice also known as lex talionis (Latin: "law of retaliation"). The basis of this principle is proportionate punishment, sometimes expressed by the idiom "let the punishment fit the crime." Which brings us to the death penalty. Which brings us to Saddam Hussein. Videos of Saddam Hussein's hanging are all over the Internet. In Iraq and throughout the Middle East there is outrage in many quarters. If a man is to be executed, some have said, he should at least be executed in dignity. Others say that execution, the death penalty, should not be used at all, ever. What do you think?
Mourning is a wonderful thing. At least, for me it is, and I hope that it is for you. I experience that mourning brings out my humanity and places me deeply in touch with it. It connects me, thus, to my divinity, because when I am deeply, deeply in touch with my humanity, and with all that it means to be fully human, I find that I feel deeply in touch with my divinity as well. To be fully human feels to me to be the same as being truly divine.  I experience that there is a place of holiness where our divinity and humanity meet, and that in this place of wholeness our True Nature is revealed. Crying is the other side of laughter, and makes it possible. Tears are the connector between the two. We have tears in our eyes when we cry and when we laugh, because our tears do not know the difference. They only know Divinity, you see. They are the fullness of emotion, spilling out as Life Itself, expressed profoundly. And that is divinity.
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