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As the situation in Ukraine continues to threaten the stability of what fragile peace we experience in some of this world (clearly, not in all of it), the members of our species chance upon the question once again: What will it take for us to stop behaving like this? 

The greatest sadness of humanity is that the largest number of people have no idea what they are doing here. During their time on the Earth, I mean. And I honestly do not mean that in any way pejoratively. It is not said with even a touch of disapproval, but with a touch of disbelief.

 It raises an interesting question, doesn't it? I mean, the story that's been all over the Internet this past week, about the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) taking down all its Christmas trees. It seems there were eight of them up. Something like that. They had all been decorated with twinkling lights, red ribbons and bows. Then a Jewish rabbi came along and said he wanted a giant menorah also put up next to at least one of them. But he didn't just ask. He went to a lawyer and threatened a lawsuit demanding it. I believe he felt it was about inclusiveness. (Chanukah, as you may know, began at sundown on Friday.) The airport authority did not honor his request. Instead, it took all its Christmas trees down in the middle of the night. (If workers had done it during the middle of the day, the authority apparently reasoned, they would be verbally attacked.) The next morning, all the trees were gone.
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