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A statement from Conversations with God that could change your life is the almost off-handed comment in the dialogue that everything you think, say and do is a prayer. Praying is not something we do at certain times, like when we are on our knees in church, or holding hands at the dinner table. It is something we are doing always. Let me repeat that.  We are always praying. Everything we think is a prayer. Everything we say is a prayer. Everything we do is a prayer. The prob­lem is, we just don’t know it. We think we are praying only when we are actually, consciously engaging in the activity we call “prayer.” But here is a great secret. God calls everything prayer. How can this be so? Why is it the way it is? CwG says that we are all creative beings, made in the image and likeness of God. Since God is the creator, so, too, are we. God has given us tools of creation, and they are three: thought, word and deed.

Neale Donald Walsch > Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility

Nothing has impressed me more, or impacted me more, in the entire body of work known as the With God books than the Three Core Concepts of Holistic Living given to us: Awareness, Honesty and Responsibility

Many humans have been told that What God Wants is for sexual union to be experienced only with one’s spouse for the purposes of procreation and the expression of love.  One result of this teaching: Millions of people believe that sex may absolutely never be experienced in any way that deliberately prevents conception, and that while sex is wonderful, to experience sex simply for pleasure with no possibility of procreation is against the will of God and, therefore, “unnatural,” immoral, shameful and a giving in to baser instincts. The combining of pleasure and shame in this construction has produced chronic emotional confusion: wonder, excitement and passion, yet embarrassment, fear and guilt, about sexual desires and experiences.

I am re-reading a fabulous book right now by Jim Rosemergy with the wonderful title, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay . Rosemergy is an ordained Unity minister and has held executive posts at the Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, Missouri.

In this volume -- which I highly recommend for everyone -- Jim puts everything having to do with the subject of wealth into a wonderful perspective that could reorganize your thinking about the whole topic.

First, he redefines wealth. And while he does it in somewhat predictable ways (we all know that "wealth" is not the accumulation of cash), his verbal approach here is light, easy, and refreshing. True wealth, he says, is "an awareness of Spirit."

If this were the last day of your life, what would you do? What would you consider important? To whom would you speak, and what would you say? Who would you make time for, and with whom would you share a really important moment? If this were your last day on earth, what would you make your top priority? How would your tone of voice change? On what would you spend your words? To what would you devote your thoughts? How, if this were your final day, would you define "wealth"? How would you define "self"? How would you define "God"? What would it matter? Why? What would you worry about? What would you have faith in? What would you be frightened of? What would you feel certain about? Do you think it is possible to live this day as if it were your last day on earth? What would have to change for you to do so? What would remain the same?
It has been made very clear to me that every thought, word and action in the life of any physical being in the universe originates in one of two places-what we call, in our language here on Earth, love or fear. These are the original Binary Numbers of the Universe. They are the "0" and the "1" of the computer program of Life Itself.
n all new relationships with romantic potential (and you all know exactly which ones those are) a single question looms large: When do we become sexual? In order to answer that question we must ask a larger one: What IS sexuality, anyway? If we do not understand what sexuality is, we will not understand when to express ourselves in a sexual way. So here is the truth about sexuality that nobody ever told you: You are always expressing yourself in a sexual way. There is no way not to be expressing yourself in a sexual way. LIFE is a sexual experience. Life IS sex. Conversations with God tells us that "sex" is the word we use to describe the experience of Synergistic Energy eXchange. The only thing is, we have it in our minds that this kind of energy exchange is limited to contact with certain body parts, when in fact it describes our contact with everything.
To begin with, God doesn’t “want us” to experience pain. God doesn’t “want” anything. God experiences GodSelf through us, and knows GodSelf anew in that way. God does not come from “wanting-ness,” but from Total “Havingness.” So it is an inaccurate assessment to say that God “wants” us to experience pain. This is more than just a semantics dance, however. I believe the distinction to be important, because if we think that God wants us to have painful experiences, we are forced to believe in a God who makes no sense at all. (This, by the way, is the God in which most organized religions want us to believe.)

I have found that the Key to Forgiveness of myself is not to forgive at all, but to understand. God has made it very clear to me that when I understand the actions of others, when I understand those others themselves (what informs them, what animates them, what motivates them), forgiveness becomes unnecessary. All I needed to do to find self-forgiveness, then, was to understand what informed, what animated, what motivated me when I made the choices and decisions I made, and when I behaved as I did.

What is the spiritual response of a person who wishes to live, on-the-ground in everyday life, the messages of Conversations with God in the face of what is now happening in America around the issue of race? 

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