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I promised last week that I would comment here on the reason that 'temporary amnesia' (forgetting Who We Really Are) is a part of the process of the evolution of the human soul. I'm aware that most people who have read the Conversations with God material closely already understand what I am going to say here.

AND THE VOICE SAID: Today I shall tell you everything there is to know about Life. (Or, at least, everything that you'll be able to understand Right Now.) AND THE VOICE WENT ON... We live within a System. We are this System. This System is run by a Process. We are this Process. This Process is fueled by Energy. We are this Energy. There is nothing else going on. There are one or two words that can be (and have been variously) used to describe this whole Cosmology. The word Life comes to mind. Then, as we elevate our thinking (which humans are prone to do), the word God . Both words refer to the Same Thing. You could say, with accuracy, "God is Energy." Or, "God is a Process." Or, "God is a System." You could say, with accuracy, "Life is Energy." Or, "Life is a Process." Or, "Life is a System."

I remember that a few days after Communion with God -- a book written entirely from God's point of view in a first-person voice -- hit the bookstores, reporters began calling me for interviews, and many of them led with the same question:

How can you claim to be speaking in the first person voice of God? Isn't that just a bit presumptuous?

It's a fair question. While I am not the first person to have produced such a book (far from it, in fact), inquiring minds still want to know: how can I -- or for that matter, anyone -- dare to place words in God's mouth in this way?

The first thing I answer when asked this question is that I am not placing words in God's mouth. God is placing words in mine.

When I was in the midst of the worse period of my life, I asked myself over and over again, "Why is this happening to me?"
Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so. Shakespeare wrote that, and this past week the world has been proving it. Again. There was another big brouhaha this past week -- this time over something that Pope Benedict XVI said recently. Some people have perceived his remarks as an insult to Islam, and thus, as damaging. The Pope's comments were damaging...but not because they were an insult to Islam. His words were, in fact, historically accurate. They were damaging for another reason altogether. For the past week many Muslims throughout the world have been angrily protesting. I believe that for most of them, this behavior is a learned response. Yet for Highly Evolved Beings -- which we humans say that we are -- anger that leads to violence (and, once again, this anger has) is neither the appropriate response, nor the most beneficial.
Have you noticed that virtually every week these days there is some scholarly, scientific newspaper or magazine article or book or television news segment confirming the messages in the Conversations with God series of books? This is thrilling to me not for reasons of ego, but just the opposite. Each one of these scholarly, scientific revelations makes it more and more clear to me that I had very little to do with the nature or the quality of the material in my dialogue with God. I've known that all along, of course, but these constant revelations confirm it. They confirm it by telling me things that I could not possibly have known on my own, and showing me from a scientific viewpoint how true the words that came through me in CwG are!

The world has an interesting mind-set about this business of talking with God. Most people believe that not only are conversations with God possible, but they have occurred. In fact, most religions are based on this assumption. What people cannot seem to agree on is when God stopped talking.

Conversations with God invites us to strive always for awareness. It even gives us several formulas by which we can arrive at this place of consciousness. One of the most effective of these methods is meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and it was a wonderful discovery when I learned this. One of the most powerful forms of meditation for me is what I have called Stopping Meditation. The reason this is so powerful for me is that it can be done anywhere, and it takes very little time. Therefore, it is perfect for busy people “on the go.” Stopping Meditation means just that. It means we stop whatever we are doing for just a moment and pay attention to something about it. We dissect it in that moment, and then look closely at one of its individual pieces. Here’s how Stopping Meditation works.
One of the most controversial concepts in the messages of CwG is the idea that there is no absolute right and no absolute wrong in God’s universe. The human mind finds this difficult to accept. If there is no absolute right, how can we know when we are on the path to God? By what measure shall we estimate our progress? By what determination shall we know what our actions should be in any given circumstance? How shall we create our laws? What shall constitute our values? And how shall we justify the meting out of our punishments? The difficulty some people have with the “no right or wrong” message in CwG is that they assume the book to be saying that we need to eliminate “right” and “wrong” from our ways of doing things, and they do not see how we can proceed with any kind of orderly society if we do that.
When I was a young boy I lived in a black and white world. It appeared to me as if things were either one way or another. I saw very little gray in between the black and white, and I certainly did not envision a world in which two sets of facts which were obviously contradictory could exist simultaneously in the same space and both be true. As I have grown older, and particularly since I received the messages of the Conversations with God books, I have come to understand that dichotomy is possible. A dichotomy is a situation in which two apparently contradictory experiences, evidences, or truths seem to be existing harmoniously at the same time in the same space.


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