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Neale Donald Walsch
I can tell that it's the end of the year because I have been thinking a lot about Life lately. It's kind of an end-of-the-year affliction with me. (Actually, to tell you the truth, it's an any time, any place affliction with me. I can't stop thinking about the experiences I'm having. Always, always, always I am looking at them, thinking about them, analyzing them, pulling them apart to see what they mean. This is not, I might tell you, an easy way to live. As the warnings say on all those stunt man routines: Don't try this at home,) Anyway, here are some of the observations that have been flying around in my head the last few days, from the For What It's Worth (Which Ain't Much) Dept: About Time...
Sarah-Jane Grace

Neptune enters Pisces today (4th April), for the first time in almost 150 years, Neptune comes to the sign where he feels most at home. This is but a brief visit (he moves back into Aquarius into August whilst retrograde), but Neptune will be back home again from 2012. Albeit brief, this visit by Neptune stirs up a huge well of compassion and emotion within, his watery fluidity combined with the fluidity of Pisces allows for a greater awareness to develop of the interconnectivity that weaves us all together.

Gloria Wendroff
God said: I bequeathed you to the Universe, and now you bequeath yourself. I gave a gift, and so it is given. I handed you over, and now you serve. What a blessing it is to serve. I serve you. And now you serve others. You serve others in service to Me, and so you serve. I gave you in service, beloveds. I gave My heart to the world. I gave it freely. I gave it in the form of you. I did not make conditions when I gave you to the world nor did I make concessions. There was nothing to concede. You might say that the need for you to give love is a condition, and that’s partly true in that love is a condition for your happiness. And yet, as I gave you life and presented you to the world, I also gave you the freedom of choice. You can love now, or you can love later. Whatever you do or not do, I do not hold it against you. I don’t hold anything against you, beloveds. I hold everything for you.
Harold W. Becker
We are at a beautiful moment on this planet where a new world is being birthed based on integrity, dignity, harmony, peace and love. The most obvious signs that this is well underway is that everything is changing and nothing seems to make sense. In fact, in many ways it appears to be the total opposite of an emerging new world.
Yael and Doug Powell
Beloved ones, the old world is merely a point of view and the New World is a symbol for the truth of your eternal heart. Our message to the world is that Love is truly simple and that you are the living heart of God. Within you through the doorway of your gloriously perceptive heart, I Am revealed to be one with you and All That Is. The rich diversity of Love’s expression is given exuberance, substance through the power of your Love. Most of all, the message and the truth are One -- that there is no separation between us – that all that Love is, is what you are and Love is the highest and most pure celebration of life, of the truth of My presence here on Earth as you, beloved ones, for you are My expression, My heart through which I love all Creation.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! I am pleased to announce the near completion of our new on-line program, “Remembering Your Soul Purpose / A Part Of Ascension”. Designed to trigger the memories that are already within you, it is multidimensional in presentation, giving each participant an experiential way of unlocking and remembering who they really are and what they came to do. Our projected timeline for offering this program to you is mid-June. The program will also be partnered with a forum for interacting and connecting with other participants, as well as an additional Dream Board forum for graduates where they can network, connect and support each other in creating their dreams and projects.
Shelly Dressel
 Nama Sika Venia Benya;   I AM the one  I AM the  whole I greet you beloved family! I welcome each and every one of you to this time in which you come to join with me. You are joining with me, but you are also joining with your extended family that you have upon the earth plane. You all come together at this time so that you may experience the energies of love, so that you may know you are not alone upon your journey; so that you may truly feel and understand who you are within your core essence. You are each filled with the divine. You are filled with love. Allow yourself to shift your focus, so that you can release your consciousness, release your imagination, moving out with the intention to connect with the magnetic grid. As you connect with the magnetic grid work, you become aware of the pathways of light, of the impulses that move in every direction going out from where you are. Open to become aware of what this means to you.
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

2012: A universal FIVE (5) year in numerology, which represents CHANGE, BREAKTHROUGHS and FREEDOM. Revelation: A surprising and previously unknown fact. The making known of a secret or the unknown. Resonance: A synchronous gravitational relationship of two celestial bodies (as moons) that orbit a third (as a planet) which can be expressed as a simple ratio of their orbital periods. To be in energetic and vibrational accord.

Cheryl Richardson

In honor or Father’s Day, I’d like to share three important lessons I learned from my dad while growing up.  These lessons have formed the foundation that supports my life and my business, and I’m deeply grateful to him for modeling them…

Karen Bishop
Greetings! Just a brief message here, as I thought it was important during these often strange and shifting times. When we make ascension leaps, there always occurs an initial time of great creativity, light, and much “feel good” energy. This is the earmark of the newly arriving energy, whatever it may be. This latest critical mass shift created a New space of near instant manifestation reality, a sleeping phase indicating a merging into the higher realms, and much astral traveling and other rapid fire movie images and experiences during dream time, among other things. We had reached such a higher vibrating state of existence, that for sensitives and those with psychic abilities, it was almost like living in a waking acid trip experience with shape shifting and other interesting occurrences, as we had found ourselves in a New land without the guidebook.


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