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Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Get It Done: Move when the energy moves you

"Move when the energy moves you." Several years ago my friend Max said this to me when I was complaining about needing to get my butt in the office to clear my desk. I was in no mood to work, yet I felt so emotionally badgered by the piles on my desk that I was desperate to get them handled so I could stop thinking about it and relax.

Cheryl Richardson

Be picky.  Have high standards.  Don’t settle for less.  These are all messages that, when used appropriately, help people to live better lives.  As you start your New Year, I want to invite you to be picky about something in particular – your mind.  If you really want to make this year a year filled with self-love, self-acceptance, forward movement, and success, then decide right now that you’ll do everything in your power to fill that beautiful mind of yours with good stuff – really good stuff. 

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

My Glorious Divine Light Angels there are no Oscars and Awards handed out for best actor/actress or best supporting actor/actress roles for this Earth Plane Production of the “final days” while still here. There is no competition and the interesting news is, these are not the “final days”. Those predicting these moments in NOW simply didn’t know any other way to describe what they saw in their visions.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > You Time: Goodbye to 2010!

Here we are at the end of 2010 and I hope your last week is just what you want it to be.  I’ve been doing my best to heal from a bad cold, so I’ll keep this newsletter brief. 

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > New Voices: Become a Safe Haven

Most of us have adopted the critical voices of past authority figures as our own.  When we need a patient, friendly reminder to get back on track with an exercise program, for instance, we tell ourselves we’re lazy and unmotivated instead.  Or, when we need encouragement to grieve and heal after a failed relationship, we berate ourselves instead for making a bad choice or not “getting over it” quick enough.

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > Energy Update: Peace thru Anchoring the I AM Presence

Alert!  Major waves of light coming in!  (As if you needed the announcement!) These first few days of December the energy infusions are coming in big and strong.  It all feels very beautiful and expansive, yet it's challenging to "do" things!  There's lots of inner stuff going on that's taking up most of my focus and energy.  There's tremendous transformation and shifting taking place beneath the surface of things in our lives and a really delicious love-filled energy surrounding and flowing through us.

Cheryl Richardson

This morning, I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch an interview with Charlie Rose and Chris Anderson, the Ted conference curator.  I love  If you haven’t visited the website, please do.  It’s filled with exciting, creative, and provocative speeches (all 18 minutes long or less) delivered by great thinkers – scientists, philosophers, technology gurus, and all kinds of people who are passionate about their work.

Nancy Leilah Ward

May is bringing us into further expansion. Waves of energy are emanating from the center of the Universe and as we open to receive this energy, our lives and the totality of our beings expand. With this expansion comes, as always, release of that which is not in harmony with the resonance of our Soul.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3128 Enlightenment Is Not a College Degree

The heart beats, and words are electrical impulses. Words do try to express what the heart beats. Let your words be true.

I know you try to attain. No need to try so hard.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Fluff up Your Feathers

There are days when you are mysteriously lifted by the flow, like catching a breeze, and all you need to do is spread your wings and glide.  There are days when you are climbing up a steep mountain face with hands bleeding, wondering why this is your fate to struggle so.  And there are days when you reach the mountaintop and realize that the effort and courage were worth it after


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