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Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika Venia Benya      I AM the one; I AM whole! I greet you my beloved family.  I thank you for this opportunity to come and be within your presence once again.  I thank you for making the choice to come and interact with me within the higher planes.  This group energy is shifting, changing, and evolving all the time.  There are always more and more people, who are becoming interested in this energy; many that are conscious of it and many who are unconscious of this connection.  All of this is what is assisting in creating the expansion upon the earth plane, which allows for more and more personal growth of each individual.  Feel the love within yourself, feel your connection of love to everybody else present within this room, and present within your location. 
Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Understanding Your Own Truth

There comes a time in everyone's spiritual development where you must ask: "Are you thinking for yourself?" During the course of your lifetime it is easy to be bombarded with the thoughts and opinions of others. You have to look inside yourself and know that anything that comes from outside of you must be examined.

Cheryl Richardson

Last Friday night I went to the movies by myself (something I love to do) and saw the Justin Bieber film, Never Say Never. A good friend who thought I might find it an interesting study in the making of a Mover & Shaker recommended the movie to me.  I’m so glad she did!

Carrie Hart

Quado > Life issues you an invitation each morning

When you stand in the fog, the best thing to do is become very still.  The fog always clears, and you will often find it best to stay anchored in a familiar spot in the forest until you can see. If you cannot do this, then you must rely on your instinct.  You must go deeply inside and ask for guidance with each step, making your choices based on the truth within you and not on the fear of the unknown that surrounds you and into which you are walking. There are times when walking in the fog can give you greater strength and truth than walking directed by your own volition and active analytical choices.  There are times that the removal of visual signposts allows you greater access to the truth that shines within you, lighting your footsteps one step at a time only.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > The Harmonic Concordance

From Steve:

This was presented as a live channel on the day of the Harmonic Concordance, November 8th, 2003. This is the beginning of a new energy connection where we can have more direct access to the new energy the Group calls the Crystal Energy which they have been taking about for the last two years.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Yearning

It is human nature to yearn, to take for granted the wonders that are already yours and to wish for more, for other.  And it is this yearning that makes your life interesting and sometimes leads you to great things.  But it is also this yearning that leads you away from peace and into a state of dissatisfaction, a state in which you are always waiting for things to be better, so that your internal peace is on hold, something to be achieved ‘if only.’ Since it is human nature to be like this, then accept it.  But accept it with understanding. See yearning as a friend that comes to visit.  Sit down with him and have a good laugh every so often.  Is it not amusing that you can work so hard to achieve something and finally get it, only to become dissatisfied and filled again with yearning in such a short time?  This is worthy of laughter, is it not?
Carrie Hart

Quado > It may be time to dream anew

Today I wish to speak of change, and how you would do well to open yourself to the flow of life as it evolves. There are days when you feel that things have changed.  There is a different energy.  And yet, you had your plans, you had things you were working toward, and even though they have suddenly lost their energy and drive, you continue to pursue them.  You continue because you have a fixed idea of the way things should be.  I would ask you to be open to the idea of dropping those parts of your life that have lost their energy, at least for a time, and opening yourself to new energies, ideas and flows that are more active and full of vibrancy.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     Yipeee! We have completed the integration process from all the higher energies which arrived in March (along with so much new that began at the end of December), and we are now perfectly poised to resume forward movement once again. So then, we are locked into our very new spaces in the higher realms and it looks awesome indeed. New connections are now perfectly in place and we are anchored to them with a very strong and unbreakable connection. This relates to people, residences, work, and much of everything else.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Reach for the Joy

Today is a day to fill yourself with joy, joy unutterable, joy abounding, joy simply because you are alive.  Today is a day to remember that you have this power, that you have the power to bring yourself into the full grace of being, to connect deeply within each moment as it passes, and to dip down deep into the well of joy that it contains. Underneath your fears and worries, underneath the drama of your everyday concerns, underneath all of that, lying still within a great pool of peace is a little drop of pure joy.  This is a joy that knows nothing of circumstances which come and go.  This is a joy that is not concerned with anything at all, that exists just because it exists, that is because it is.
Shelly Dressel
 Nama Sika,  Venia Benya             I AM the one, I AM the whole I greet you my beloved family of light! I thank you for taking this opportunity to open up and bring forth my energy into you, into all aspects of who you are, allowing me to assist you in your transformation as you walk upon the earth. Each of you is taking on more and more of the energies of the divine Goddess as you walk through your days. You are feeling this, sometimes in the symptoms you may be having, other times in having a sense of ease or relaxation as you move through your day. I realize the last couple of weeks have been very transitional for those of you who are human and upon the earth. Open now to realize that a great portion of that adjustment is over with. There is a greater amount of the divine feminine flowing through all who walk upon the earth. This will allow for you to connect with me more easily and bring through anything you wish to do so.


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