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Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Saying Goodbye: Learning To Let Go

Saying goodbye. It’s something we all do at various times in our lives. Some of us do it consciously and intentionally and some of us avoid it like the plague. This week, I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend who’s moving to Europe.  While the trip marks an exciting new adventure in his life (and I’m very happy for him), I feel sad to see him go.  It’s another chance to practice saying goodbye with open eyes and an open heart. Here’s what I’ve learned about loss and endings:

Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop > The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth

The new re-birth we are experiencing has created much in regard to a “complicated labor.” To summarize briefly: There were many souls who became stuck, or who are experiencing difficulty in awakening or opening to a higher frequency, and this is creating delays, dismay, disappointments, hopelessness, and a fair amount of discomfort for many, as we are all connected

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > This Is the Moment When We Take Our Stand

Beloved ones, let Me be with you. Let Me fill every void, complete every space, wash through you and bring you new life every day.

Karen Bishop

Last week my father was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Now 81 years of age, he had jumped out of an airplane on his 80th birthday, because, as he said, "I am only 80, not dead!" In the past two years (he turns 82 on August 2), he, like many of us, had become increasingly weary and tired of what life was offering ...very uncharacteristic for him.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Secret to Creating the World of Love

Beloved ones, the world of Love is dancing and sparkling within and around you. It is yours to access easily through the heart. As you do, you shall be living in Paradise. However, this world of Love is accessed not by envisioning what the ego mind wants but it is accessed, rather, by giving through the open and dedicated heart.

Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > The Great Recruitment Call

You know to go within as often as possible. The more you begin to foster your inner relationship with yourself, with your Higher Self, with your REAL reality, the more you will be solid in your illusion! Keep reminding yourself that you are in a play and not to get caught in the drama of the latest act…this keeps you small and unusable by Spirit. Once you join the effluvia, then you are not the transformative Light of the Divine that can change all things.

Carrie Hart

Quado > New Perspectives for Your Life

Today, there are two perspectives I wish you to have:  the one that is very wide and high and the one that is entirely personal.  What I wish for you to avoid is the point of view of the newspapers and television, which talk about statistics and averages and then focus on a human interest story to make that statistical point of view seem personal and relevant to you.

Lynda Hill

October's Libran new Moon falls on October 15 and it signals new starts, announcing new beginnings, but it can also signify a lot of noise and 'hot air' being blown around. I imagine we'll be hearing a bit of both, especially with the elections happening in the United States.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

My Glorious Divine Light Angels there are no Oscars and Awards handed out for best actor/actress or best supporting actor/actress roles for this Earth Plane Production of the “final days” while still here. There is no competition and the interesting news is, these are not the “final days”. Those predicting these moments in NOW simply didn’t know any other way to describe what they saw in their visions.

Tony Samara

Tony Samara > Radical Honesty

For me, Consciousness perhaps could be best described as radical honesty, meaning saying things as they are in that moment, without the interference of the social mind, or the mind that it connected to the ego. 


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