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Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Multitudinous are the ways blessings alight on Earth. There is not one day without blessings for you. Each day of itself is a blessing. You swim in blessings, beloveds. You are inundated with them. You do not know how to count so far as to count all your blessings. You would fall asleep before you finished.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! Yes, the energy is building. New energy is arriving still, and creating feelings of stress. Even if you aren't having any stress in your life, these energies can create that pushing and pressure feeling all on their own. They are designed to move things up and out. And these kinds of energies are also the precursors for natural disasters. Physically, they can manifest as pressure headaches, pressure in the ears, neck and upper back stiffness, heart palpitations, a feeling of hyperventilating, sleeplessness even though you may be very tired, and even a need to eat often. Emotionally, they can manifest as edginess, snappiness, shortness of temper and tolerance, inability to focus and sit still, and even bewilderment. Just think of “pressure cooker” and you will understand the corresponding symptoms.
Gloria Wendroff

God said:

There is nothing like the fireworks of the soul. There is nothing to compare to it. If you want to see something dazzling that lights up even the whole galaxy of stars, then you should see the soul. You cannot see it, however, yet you do have glimpses of it.

Carrie Hart

Quado > A Blessing for You to Climb

You, as you are right now, and as your life is right now, are completely responsible for the direction your life will take. From this moment forward, from the place you now stand. There will be obstacles, of course.

Hillis Pugh

Forgiveness stems from love. You can be apologetic; by saying you're sorry, without feeling love. To forgive takes courage, because it is a deeper emotion since it's tied to love. To forgive someone when they not know what they do, takes a great deal of love and openness. When forgiveness has taken place, your heart becomes more open and the heart can heal with time.

Celia Fenn
Lightworkers are experiencing a time of rapid transformation and change on a physical level. The Lunar Eclipse of the 24th has been a time of great power and energy to aid you in manifesting your physical reality within the New Earth. Previously growth and transformation was occurring on a spiritual level and now the transformation has started within your physical reality. Many of you are experiencing extreme sensitivities to this moon energy and again many of the symptoms of the ascension process are being felt. For example stomach related problems, lower back ache, "shock" like sensations through the body, etc. This will settle down as you ground the energy and work with it on a physical level.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Being the Whole

All That I Am is one glorious whole filled with so many unique expressions of life. Each one, each unique energy is vital to the functioning of the glorious whole. Analogies can be helpful, so it is useful to consider the body and how there are so many uniquely functioning organs and parts, energy streams, pathways, connections within it.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Discipline and Responsibility

Quado’s Message: Today, we will continue our Course in Creation.  We began with the inside and moved outward. Last week we were moving into the areas of manifestation, your ability to affect the world outside by your thoughts and your actions, all of it working together in concert to give you one unified field which is centered on the firm intentions and commitments of your life. And today, we will focus on one particular expression of commitment and intention, and that is discipline. Ah, such a cruel word!  It makes you think of painful sessions where you force yourself to do what is difficult for you, and that, of course, can be a part of it in the beginning. For you are still so much a little child, a child who rebels against authority, who tries to break the rules and sneak around to get little treats and treasures.  A child who has not yet learned to take full responsibility.
Lauren C. Gorgo
So here we are at the end of 2008, our "supposed" year of "new beginnings". Wondering why things don't feel very new?
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2487 In Service to God

You are beautiful, magnificent, brilliant, and still you have to shine shoes, wipe up spills, make beds. You may be the most creative person in the world, and still you have to pick up crumbs, wipe your feet, take out trash. It doesn't matter who you are nor what you do. You still have the mundane to take care of.


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