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Quado > I Am Complete

I had the privilege of previewing Wayne Dyer's new book, Excuses Begone!  My favorite sentence in the book was this:  "I can't emphasize enough here that you don't attract what you desire; you attract what you are." 

This sentence inspired our message for this week, a little meditation to bring you out of your wants and needs and int

Quado > Step Out of Your Head and Into this Moment

Step out of your head and into this moment.  You will find it in your senses, in the veins of a leaf and the petals of a dew-kissed rose; in the crisp smell of morning and the aroma of baking cookies; in earth under bare feet and water pouring over bare skin; in sweet peaches and tangy oranges; in the song of birds at dawn and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

Quado > How Blessed You Are to Be Alive

Today, infuse your life with energy and enthusiasm.  Put a little lift into your step.  Put a little zest into your conversation.  Take a little risk.  Dare to say or do something different.  But most of all, just love your life to pieces.  Just love every moment of it.  Embrace it fully, right now, exactly as it is.

Quado > Shine with Truth

Today is a day to be yourself, to shine out with all that you are. There is nothing extreme or demanding required.  Simply take in each moment as it comes, feel it deep within your core, and access your own truth.

Quado > Home at Last

Today we have a gentle reminder of what you already know so well:   that love begins at home and that your true home is in your own heart.

Quado > Change is a Loving Friend

When confusion sadly comes, step into it, be within it as within a fog, knowing that fog always clears and confusion always ends.

Quado > Soul Steps

All around you, hear the stones falling and dropping to the earth, then crumbling into dust.  All around you, hear the crashing down of the old as it falls. Do not be startled by the sound. Do not run and hide.  Do not be concerned if dust clouds your vision for a time.

Quado > Today is One Dot on the Canvas

The action you take today is like placing one dot on a vast canvas.  You cannot see the whole picture of your life, its meaning and purpose, but yet you are painting it daily with everything you do. Your higher self, your soul self, is the painter with the vision.  You are the hand, the hand that can choose the brush, select the color and place the dot of paint just so.

Quado > Your Hands

See your hand.  See how it stretches out to another in greeting and friendship, a symbol of openness, integrity and welcome.  See how it seals a pledge, a promise of truth and loyalty.  See how it soothes in comfort, compassion and love.  See how it excites passion.  See how it heals with its touch.

Quado > You Deserve It All

You deserve it all.  You deserve a life of joy and happiness.  You deserve a life of abundance.  You deserve freedom from fear and doubt.  You deserve warm and loving relationships and doing work that inspires you.  You deserve it all.

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