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Quado > Rebalance yourself, for yourself

Today is a day for balance, for all sides of yourself to be in harmony.  Take a look at your emotional state and see if this is so.  If not, then spend extra time breathing deeply and centering yourself to get back a good balance between engagement within this life and your deep centered core. Look also to make sure that you have not gone too far in the other direction.  You need to be peaceful and centered, but you also need to be in a state of action, in which you are taking full responsibility for how you handle your daily life, including money, physical health and relationships.  It can be a difficult balance to achieve indeed, but you are fully capable of it.

Quado > Pinstripes over your gypsy soul

Your family and your society have laid out a wardrobe for you, clothing for the ways they think it acceptable that you be and act.  There are outfits for work, outfits for your role in your parental family and the family you have created yourself, outfits for you to wear to church, outfits for the art class and dance studio.  Some of these are very restricting and make you feel very constrained.  And none of them allow you to be all of the things you are.  For you are a great and joyous gypsy soul, bursting with colorful and bright talents and skills, creative ideas sparkling out all over you, deeply held beliefs shining within, fun explorations wrapped like bright scarves around you.  You are so many things, there is no way that a wardrobe created by society, even by truly wonderful and creative parts of society, is likely to fit exactly who you are.

Quado > How Blessed You Are to Be Alive

Today, infuse your life with energy and enthusiasm.  Put a little lift into your step.  Put a little zest into your conversation.  Take a little risk.  Dare to say or do something different.  But most of all, just love your life to pieces.  Just love every moment of it.  Embrace it fully, right now, exactly as it is.

Quado > Faith

Quado’s Message: Our Course in Creation has now built a foundation for you to create a peaceful, loving and fulfilled life.  It begins with loving yourself and learning to control your own mind, so that you are moving out of the past and future into now, out of the negative of fear and doubt and into love.  We have proceeded from the inner to the outer, building a framework for living in the world in a way which connects with your deeper self and deeper meaning.  And now, your job is to revisit these lessons and bring them home, practice your meditations and new ways of thinking, calming your emotions, and moving yourself toward a loving and peaceful life. And as you do this, just relax and allow the journey to take you where it will.  Know that there will be challenges.  Know that it may take you many years to master these lessons.  But do it.  The journey itself will be a wondrous and gracious experience.

Quado > Today is a Day of Choice

Today will be full of choices. Even though you may not be aware of it, even though you think you are just walking through your normal paces, you will be making choices every moment. 

Quado > Do It Anyway

Doubt is such a familiar voice, that you may have trouble separating truth from the incessant whisper of doubt in your ear.  You have an idea, begin to take the first steps toward it, and instantly doubt is there, whispering:  “I’m too old.  That will never sell.  I don’t have enough time and money to follow through.  I’m not really good enough.” Remember that doubt is a poor advisor indeed.  Doubt may protect you from making a fool of yourself, but what kind of protection is that?  Learning requires experimentation and mistakes.  And some of these mistakes turn out to be glorious mistakes, a burgeoning of originality where a new idea is born, the seeds of a new approach what will turn out to be highly successful.  And some of those mistakes are simply painful learning steps, ways to learn what works and what doesn’t, both for you and for those you wish to serve with what you offer.

Quado > Golden Connection Meditation

Dear Friends, 

I have recorded the meditation below for you. I hope it will lift you up into the love and energy that is there for you. Go to HartTracks for your MP3 download. As with the other tracks on that page, donations are appreciated but not necessary. 

Quado > Hold the reins lightly

Hold the reins lightly in your hand today.  Feel the energy beneath you, full of freedom.  Guide the energy in the direction you wish to head very lightly, just a slight pull on the reins this way or that, enough to influence the direction but not enough to slow the flow of energy that you ride, not enough to dampen the spirit that carries you. And when you feel you have mounted a highly energetic flow, then be careful not to try to take control, pulling and pushing, letting your enthusiasm for the suddenly surge of power make you blind to the true direction of the free flow.

Quado > Soul Steps

All around you, hear the stones falling and dropping to the earth, then crumbling into dust.  All around you, hear the crashing down of the old as it falls. Do not be startled by the sound. Do not run and hide.  Do not be concerned if dust clouds your vision for a time.

Quado > The Ancient Whale Says: You Matter

This morning we have a message from a power animal that I know well.  I first met him years ago when I was doing power animal retrievals, then again more recently in my Power Animal Adventures.  He is an enormous sperm whale known as The Ancient One; it is always so wonderful to hear from him.  And is now our way, Quado has added a few words at the end of his message.

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