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Quado > Forgiveness

Quado’s Message: Today we will continue what we have begun, the creation of a new life, a new life springing forth like a phoenix, formed in beauty from the ashes of the old.  For the old life is ashes, ashes that can fertilize this new life.  And you, like the phoenix, can remake yourself, be born anew at any time you choose, to rise in glory and beauty, shining forth with all that you are. These last two weeks you have been focused on loving yourself as you are, embracing your wonder and letting it shine.  You have also been focused on releasing fear and doubt, quieting your mind and bringing your awareness into this moment, this moment right now.

Quado > Allow Your Eternal Self to Lead

You exist on two levels at all times. The first level, that of the body, the mind and the personality, we will call the temporal self, the self that exists within time and which ends over time. 

The other self is the witness, the higher, spiritual self, the part of you that is deeply connected with all that is and that never dies. We will call this the eternal self.

Quado > Focus on the most important thing

Today would be a wonderful day to rid yourself of anxiety by focusing your energy and attention on the most important thing you need to accomplish, rising to its challenges and then moving on. And so, let us take a moment to breathe and relax.  Just take a deep breath and let the air fill you.  Now become aware of the bright ball of light that is hovering over you.  This is your higher self and within this bright ball of light, you know everything there is to know.  You have all of your energy in full force and all of the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks the day demands of you.  It is all there.

Quado > Freedom and Integrity

What is freedom? What is integrity? Is the display of your emotion, as real as it feels in the moment, an expression of freedom and integrity? Or is it actually freer and truer to

Quado > Choices, Toil and Care

Sometimes the rains fall from heaven and gently nourish your fields, even though you do little.  And sometimes the sky dries up, the plants begin to wither, and you wonder where the love and bounty have gone. 

Quado > Rebalance yourself, for yourself

Today is a day for balance, for all sides of yourself to be in harmony.  Take a look at your emotional state and see if this is so.  If not, then spend extra time breathing deeply and centering yourself to get back a good balance between engagement within this life and your deep centered core. Look also to make sure that you have not gone too far in the other direction.  You need to be peaceful and centered, but you also need to be in a state of action, in which you are taking full responsibility for how you handle your daily life, including money, physical health and relationships.  It can be a difficult balance to achieve indeed, but you are fully capable of it.

Quado > Welcome to a New Day

The sun rises and a new day begins. And as the rays reach out across the surface of the earth, feel how you are cleansed. Feel how each ray of the sun gives you a way to clear away all that was yesterday and move into today.

Quado > The Unfolding of You

Ah, such an unfolding of beauty that lies within your heart. Such an unfolding of grace and ease that lies within your mind. Such an unfolding of joy in your center. This is your birthright. This is how you are meant to be, to live, to move, in grace and ease and with peace abiding.

Quado > You can overcome old patterns

Today would be a wonderful day to break with some long-established patterns in your life.  There are some patterns which no longer serve you, which undermine the direction you wish to have your life head at this time.  They could be patterns related to money, to romance, to eating and drinking, to other addictive behavior of some sort.  And these patterns may have plagued your entire life. 

Quado > Seek the silence

Seek the silence.  Every day, in your own way, minute by minute, seek the silence.

There is a silence that underlies the noise of your world.  There is a silence in the air under the wing of each bird, a silence under each leaf on the tree, a silence that nestles deeply in the heart of each flower.

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