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Quado > An Angel Cloak for the Coming Year

Last night, as the clock struck midnight and the new year began, an angel made a very special gift for you, a gift that lies before you now. It is in a large box, wrapped in the color of moonlight on a shimmering lake, and tied up with a ribbon spun from those very moonbeams.

Quado > Stop trying to solve your life

You and your life are not problems to be solved.  You are not something to be cleaned up and made better, to be repaired as if you were broken.  You are a flower ready to blossom. You are a treasure to be uncovered, sparkling gold and silver, gems beyond imagining.  You are a song ready to be sung, a dance that only needs the right music.  And the music is drifting across on the breeze right now.

Quado > You Can Do It

Today’s message is very simple: Hold on. You can do it. Nothing is gained by quitting on your dreams. Nothing is gained by giving up. Nothing is gained by apathy and resignation.

Quado > Awareness

Quado’s Message: Today we will continue our Course in Creation, an aid to helping you create a life of joy, love and peace.  For this is exactly what you are made of, and what you will want to learn to express during your stay here on earth, during this precious life which is yours to expand upon and create as beautifully as you can. Today, I would ask you to be very aware of what you have within you.  Be aware of your mind, of your ego, of your thoughts.  Be very aware of your body and how it feels as well. Turn your awareness to the inside, and be one with how you are, how you have taught yourself to be in all of these years of your life.  Heighten your awareness of what is, and then gently begin to change it, begin to nudge yourself toward new ways of being.

Quado > Grand Adventures Await

There are experiences waiting for you, grand adventures of soul and spirit that only you can have, for they are unique and individual; they are the way only you can have them.


Quado > You are Deeply Loved

It is not necessary to know all the answers. It is not even necessary to know all the questions you might ask.  All that is required is that you know that you are not alone, that you are surrounded by the hosts of heaven, by angels and spirits, by love unbounded, by caring and attention.  Know that you are deeply loved.

Quado > Today is a Day of Choice

Today will be full of choices. Even though you may not be aware of it, even though you think you are just walking through your normal paces, you will be making choices every moment. 

Quado > Money

Quado’s Message: Today, we continue our Course in Creation.  As we discussed last week, you should be continuing to work the early lessons, creating your own space in life, setting up your spiritual disciplines and following them through, gaining control over your mind through meditation and beginning to create a positive, fulfilling and joyous life.  And what we will be doing now for some time is addressing individual topics that are issues for many people as they walk their path of spiritual transformation and evolution. And today’s topic is money, a difficult and confusing issue for many.

Quado > You Are the True Spirit of Christmas

Two thousand years ago, a man walked the earth who changed everything he touched.  His spirit was such that it transformed those to whom he spoke, those whom he touched with his healing hands.  And so, today, take yourself back for a moment to this spirit, all the way back to the hot dusty roads of Galilee.

Quado > The Hallway, the Keys and the Door

Life goes through its different stages.  And you never know exactly when a new stage will begin.  One day you wake up and the old ways do not feel as comforting and warm as they once did.  Things that you thought you would do for the rest of your life have suddenly lost their luster. When this happens, allow it to be.  Do not fight against the natural evolution of your life.  Even if you have declared to others that this is the way you are, when the internal call comes to evolve to another stage, allow yourself to drop your old passions and dreams and take up new ones.  It is not inconsistency or lack of commitment.  It is part of a life that is freely evolving, as life should be.  After all, things are different now. You are different and the world around you has changed as well.  It is perfectly natural that you would want to change how you spend your days.
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