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The barriers between you and your greater good are not barriers in themselves. They are things of thought. It is because of this that all things are possible to faith. Jesus summed up the whole proposition when he said, "It is done unto you as you believe." In interpreting this saying, however, you must pause after the word as.

Blessed holiday musings to you during the time of year when humanity resides within the one moment called Eternity. This past weekend millions and millions of hearts participated in a celebration of Awakening. It was a time when many quietly resided within their lives, within their own pleasures and within the great deep peace that flowed from their inner beingness. My holiday wish for you is that you gift yourself with the time and space to absorb all of the Divine Light structures that are making their way here this week because of that event.

We are intelligent beings living in an intelligent universe that responds to our mental states, and insofar as we learn to control those mental states, we shall automatically control our environment. This is what is meant by the practical application of the principles of Science of Mind to the problems of everyday living. This is what is meant by demonstration.

Happiness is not achieved by the pursuit of happiness but rather by right living... "Just do the next right thing!" In every situation, at every juncture, at all crossroads, simply do the next right thing. If the choice at this moment is between exercising or vegetating in front of the television, just do the next right thing.

Did you ever stare at the night sky and wonder how many stars there are out there? Thanks to astronomy today, we have a good estimate of the number of stars in the entire universe. At the last count, there are more than seventy thousand, million, million, million stars.

When you look up at the clear sky at night, you may easily realize a truth at once utterly simple and extraordinarily profound. What is it that you see? The moon, planets, stars, the luminous band of the Milky Way, perhaps a comet or even the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy two million light years away. Yes, but if you simplify even more, what do you see? Objects floating in space. So what does the universe consist of? Objects and space.

Here's a powerful tool for clearing consciousness when you are standing in the face of contradicting thoughts or facts that oppose your good, or the good you intend to have -- ready? Stop, thinking negatively. Decide that you are going to set some high standards for yourself. Do not give way to that which appears as situations controlling your life.

The universe is shining along a vast spectrum of wavelengths right now, so indulge - dive in to recognize all the hints, clues, and revelations are providing you direction for defining yourself at the latest, Newest levels. The goal this week is to take the initiative and be the cause for your own creations. It's a time to remake yourself, find new solutions and projects, even if it ends up not working out it's ok, what matters is you make an effort.

As we slow ourselves down a little bit and take a contemplative look at the way things are both in the world and in our own souls, we cannot help but realize that many of the spiritual truths that form the basis of the Science of Mind teaching are less articles of faith and more directly observable, verifiable truths. It is very much like the leaves in autumn that turn glorious hues of reds, yellows, and oranges.

No matter where you are, or what do for a living, there are multiple spigots over your head at all times (metaphorically, please), each with three settings:  "not enough", "enough",  and "more than enough". They're also all tagged. One is marked "Confidence".There's another for "Faith". And of course there are ones for "Friends", "Health" and "Abundance".

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