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As the universe closes down the old year with a bang of energy that serves to remind you and I that we are all being called into a point of Light that is excited about us being there let me add my wishes too for a new year that opens and expands you into more options and possibilities. The last twelve months have been about restructuring, reordering, and reorganizing - from the most subtle internal electromagnetic levels to the bigger external commitments of change in physical time and space.

Congratulations you have completed the initial stage for manifesting your unique role in the New world of 2012. This year 2011 was about belonging and unity consciousness. The invisible realms were sending support throughout the year for personal sovereignty. You have been pushed in every conceivable way from the inner, outer and in-between energetic influences to participate on terra firma in new ways with your sense of a "new Self".

This is the last week before Christmas arrives and I can imagine that increasing stress and mental strain from trying to maintain order and organization during this hectic time is affecting many. If you are reading these words and you are the one in your family that is responsible for setting the tempo and tone the holidays then this is the week that you want to pay extra attention to balance and self-care.

As part of the gathering that has anchored a New Adventure of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead. We have completed the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as "the shift".

Oh so busy. As if the demands of the holidays weren't enough the purging of old structures has more than a few of us laden with mental and emotional tension. As we journey into the last days of 2011 we are being asked to establish a potent union with that sometimes distant Soul of ours.

As we exit November and enter the last month of 2011 the Gods bend ever closer to us in order that we hear their message. It is a reminder of just what our Soul Substance and Core Beliefs are before entering January of 2012. The energies of purification and upliftment slow down and we are given an opportunity to let go of the busy mind that demands to run so much of our lives. If you are sensing the high buzz of charged-live-energy due to external happenings and dramas then it is time to step back and gather yourself in a personal refugee.

This week brings a noticeable shift in mood and tone as we step in time to a Sagittarian cosmic beat. The solar entry to the ninth sign of the zodiac (tomorrow) will illuminate your happy-go-lucky, philosophical and mind-expanding aspects as well as keep you buoyant even when setbacks try to quash your enthusiasm. Yes, transformative energy still moves on but there is no cosmic reason why this week would cause you to lose momentum.

Your authentic nature can soar for the next few weeks as it is in concert with the symphonies of cosmic radiance that are currently pouring over the entire Milky Way galaxy. The recent 11.11.11 portal showered a glistening current of encodement and activation that enables a fortified connection with the planet and Source energy.

The Universe is very much alive. It is a sentient being, vast and continually in the process of change. As our solar system soars through different energy fields created by the universe, Gaia shifts with each field it enters and pulses differently. Presently, our solar system is moving into a field of increased subtle energy, and her pulse is growing stronger - much stronger.

Let's end this week with a brief reminder about our daily experiences, the illusion that is in truth nothing more than a mind game that is here to serve your soul. An experience is merely a tool for the soul to gain knowledge. Now, let me say that again: An experience is adding knowledge to your soul. It is not a revelation. It is not knowing that you are a creative being.


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