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So it’s been quite a journey from the Full Moon in Aries to the New Moon in Libra. So that Easterly wind blew our hats off and made us batten down the hatches. So what did we learn? Quite a lot actually! In preparation for the upcoming Stargates of 11.11 and the power month of 12.12-12.21, the growth processes have been on overdrive. We’ve been advised by the Akashic Wisdom Keepers to “Travel light,” and this has been a good year for it.

Well well, we’ve certainly had an interesting mix of things lately! We are in the middle of a significant Geo-mag storm and the sensitive folks are feeling it for sure. We are in a powerful period astrologically with many TRINES between planets bringing *flow* and grace, and also with the Yod pattern activating us, possibly in deep ways. This is all right on time for the 10:10 Stargate tomorrow.

Question: We are in the midst of a big “sea change” astrologically and energetically with so many planets moving or preparing to move into different signs. What guidance can you give at this time on this? Thank you.


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