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Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2014

May looks set to be a month of continued revelation and insight as we begin to feel a stronger sense of alignment both within and without in our lives.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Stepping Into The Mist

The journey within takes a powerful step forward over the coming days and weeks as the power of the sea starts to weave its magic and its mists in a mystical and slightly nebulous way. It is hard to find words to describe the indescribable, for these mists are beyond words and everyday comprehension; they are unknowable and mysterious, indefinable and without form.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2012

January looks set to be an inspirational month; a month to reclaim our sense of direction and our power as we take some bold new steps forward in life. Facing our fears, guilt and other challenges seems likely, but this is not something to dread, for it is a necessary and vital part of our evolution. The time has come to travel more lightly in life in order to become more at One with both ourselves, one another and the cosmos...

Sarah-Jane Grace > Embracing The Extraordinary

As the path of awakening continues, and as sleepwalkers stir all around, there is a sense that the new wave of consciousness is now filtering into all aspects of life. As we take a moment to look around at All that we Are, it seems clear that everything is changing; we are just not the same as we were yesterday or the day before. Whilst some of these shifts are subtle, others are far from this as they catapult us forward (and sometimes backward) in life.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Randomly Scattered or a Divine Plan?

For many fellow travellers riding the waves of shift and change, this seems to be a time of disquiet and uncertainty, confusion and angst. There is a sense of the blurring of boundaries and the merging of consciousness between different levels of awareness, and this is creating feelings of disconnection from both the Self and the Whole. Discord is emerging from within, creating storylines and patterns that feel incongruent and overwhelming

Sarah-Jane Grace > The Storm Within

As we stand on the precipice of shift, it can be hard to remain sure-footed and confident when the winds of change are gaining strength and the healing rain is lashing down bringing all manner of thoughts, feelings, memories and pain to the surface. The precipice can feel like a lonely place, and as we stand waiting for the sunshine to break through, it can be hard to maintain the faith to keep on keeping on. Sometimes, the darkness gets too much and we have to step back from the edge in order to find shelter; sometimes, we just have to walk away.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2016

April looks set to be a month of growing awareness of the roles we each have to play in life.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Shifting Sands

It is all too easy to become lost and disorientated when trying to navigate the ebb and flow of the currents of life. Sometimes we can feel lost in an eddy or a maelstrom, unable to break free. Other times we can lose the wind in our sails and feel a deep sense of frustration with the apparent stillness and inertia.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2012

Welcome back! April looks set to be something of an energetic and frenetic month of shifting energies, trends, feelings and ideas. Things continue to feel cohesive one moment, then scattered the next, but most days we can look forward to having both at the same time! Life feels quite confusing in so many ways, but there is also a growing sense of clarity emerging; a sense that despite the apparent chaos, at a deeper level we are moving beyond the clutter and the busy-ness to a more tranquil and peaceful place.

It seems that there are days that feel overwhelming and days that feel distinctly underwhelming, but most other days are spent trying to find balance as we oscillate between the two. We are in a state of flux and shift, and at the moment we seem predominantly focused on trying to find balance and remain steady as wave after wave of new energy and new consciousness floods the earth. Understandably we can feel empowered and focused one day, but then lost and confused the next, but without really knowing why.

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