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Sarah-Jane Grace > Conundrums, Choices & Clinging On!

Energetically speaking, these are tumultuous and somewhat rambunctious times. In fact, on most levels there is a sense of shift, movement and change! It feels like everything is speeding up but slowing down at the same time, and it can be hard to know if we are coming, going or are hovering somewhere in between. Yet, despite this seemingly uncertain and unknowable climate, deep within there is a strong sense of certainty beginning to rise and surface! A true time of paradox and conundrums!

Sarah-Jane Grace > And So It Continues...

As the intense and somewhat profound cosmic twists and turns continue, it seems that many of us are facing some of our biggest challenges. We are being taken within on one hand but being thrown challenges by our external world on the other. In some ways life feels tiring and very pedestrian, but deep within, the transformation and awakening continues as we become more alive, more aware and more awake. This inner/outer pull is exhausting, and it is confusing.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2012

Welcome back! April looks set to be something of an energetic and frenetic month of shifting energies, trends, feelings and ideas. Things continue to feel cohesive one moment, then scattered the next, but most days we can look forward to having both at the same time! Life feels quite confusing in so many ways, but there is also a growing sense of clarity emerging; a sense that despite the apparent chaos, at a deeper level we are moving beyond the clutter and the busy-ness to a more tranquil and peaceful place.

We are all part of the Universe, we make up the whole. We are all energy, and as energy beings we are infinite (for science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed). We know this, this is not news, but how many of us truly know this? How many of us have really thought this through? We are infinite, we are the Universe, we are One. Wow...

As we continue to weave our way through the ebb and flow of life, we so often forget to find moments of pause where we reconnect to the ‘bigger picture’ of our lives. It is so easy to become caught up in the throes of life and find ourselves running on the hamster wheel without even realising it.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Randomly Scattered or a Divine Plan?

For many fellow travellers riding the waves of shift and change, this seems to be a time of disquiet and uncertainty, confusion and angst. There is a sense of the blurring of boundaries and the merging of consciousness between different levels of awareness, and this is creating feelings of disconnection from both the Self and the Whole. Discord is emerging from within, creating storylines and patterns that feel incongruent and overwhelming

As the pace of awakening quickens, there is a growing feeling of pressure to go within to force open closed doors and expose hidden treasures. There is a feeling of impatience to get from where we are now to where we want to be, for the ‘in-between’ stage feels arduous, overwhelming and confusing. Yet, we are in this stage for a reason, so is forcing the process really the best choice?

As we continue our grand and mysterious tale of cosmic twists and turns, this epic looks set to turn into an adventure of legend as the unconscious continues to become conscious, and sleepwalkers stir and awaken seeking meaning and purpose, love and unity. Each of us is a Divine spark, and we are stepping forth into the full blazing glory of love of the most incredible kind.

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