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Neptune moving into Pisces has already created a huge shift in the lives of many, a deep sense of re-awakening, renewal and re-emerging is deeply apparent. It is as though we are waking from a deep sleep and suddenly seeing the world with fresh eyes. Everything and everyone seems different, changed. This can be hard to understand, but it seems clear that this shift is part of the collective shift towards more holistic and joyful living.

As the washing machine of life continues on fast spin, it is all too easy to get disorientated in dizziness from the spin cycle. We can become confused and befuddled by even the simplest tasks; a bit like trying to concentrate at high altitude where the air is thin and lacking in oxygen. Of course, we find ourselves in this spin for a reason, for it is part of the cosmic super spin or ‘wash’ cycle taking us from one state of consciousness to the next; we have to go through the spin cycle in order to become free of the excess in our lives in order to be free to embrace the next step in our evolution.

Sarah-Jane Grace > It’s Time to Dance

Change is a part of life and the more conscious of change we become, the more aware we are of the millions of moments that come together to make up the whole. Life is not about the number of moments we have but about the quality of those moments.

As the pace of change continues to ebb and flow, and twist and turn, there is a sense that we are finding it harder to know where one chapter of change ends and when the next one begins. It’s as though we are in a big blur of shift, and it’s indefinable and without shape or definition.

Juno moves direct in Virgo today (the 2nd May). Juno is a powerful little asteroid with a strong connection to relationships, power balances and the dynamics in our interactions with others.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Sticking Plasters

As we continue on our personal and collective quests for enlightenment, it seems that some are beginning to see life from a fresh perspective. Whilst so many continue to look for external fixes and solutions to life’s problems, there are those who have realised that enlightenment and bliss cannot be found outside; it can only be found within.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Consciousness Rising

Last night I went on a journey. I moved beyond myself, beyond lifetimes, beyond time, beyond space and beyond words. I became pure energy and pure consciousness. I felt no restriction, and instead I felt infinite possibility; I became infinite possibility. In this space I moved beyond day or night, light or dark, joy or sadness. It felt blissful but empty at the same time; but this felt perfect and right. In this space I felt like the Universe was within me and part of me; and I was part of it at the same time.

As the heavens continue to push, poke and prod us from all angles, it seems that our perspectives are beginning to widen and shift. Life simply doesn’t look the same anymore, no matter how hard we try to squint, bend our heads or strain. Whether it was a conscious decision or not, it seems that we have stepped onto a new path in life. That path is more mindful, more awake and more alive. As we continue to awaken, we can expect to see a huge shift in our priorities over the weeks and months ahead.

Love conquering all is not a new concept, but so many push it away as ‘new age namby-pampy’ because life isn’t all sweetness and light. That’s true, of course, but embracing love does not mean covering over the cracks of life nor does it mean forgetting about our troubles and our fears.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts August 2013

Reposted as the actual sign by sign forecast was missing yesterday. We apologize!

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