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In truth, I’d never really acknowledged just how challenging it would be for me to put my struggles down in writing and then share them openly and wholeheartedly with others. I had no idea how it would feel to become completely vulnerable and transparent leaving myself nowhere left to hide.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Blackbird Has Spoken

This morning was heralded by Blackbird; the song was beautiful, rich and vibrant and it made today a glorious day. Even before the day truly began, blackbird brought beauty and joy to the moment. How often do we truly stop and connect to the beauty all around and within us on a regular basis? How often do we pause and wonder at the magnificence of nature and the universe?

Sarah-Jane Grace > Grasping The Nettle

In this time of change, shift and movement, it is all too easy to become lost in the chaos and feel powerless drifting with the currents of life. We can, at times, lose our momentum and flow for the currents are strong and can pull us off course. We may try to fight the currents, but they are powerful, and resistance can be exhausting, and perhaps a little futile. The constant struggle can see our inner light subside as the passion and spark gets sucked out like a vacuum cleaner on full power.

November looks set to be a month of letting go as we reach towards an inner reconciliation between living the life we think we ought to live and living the life we intuitively know we were born to live.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 2013

July looks set to be a month of inspiration, insight and vision as we continue to strip back layer upon layer to reveal the Truth within.

As the pace of change continues to ebb and flow, and twist and turn, there is a sense that we are finding it harder to know where one chapter of change ends and when the next one begins. It’s as though we are in a big blur of shift, and it’s indefinable and without shape or definition.

Love conquering all is not a new concept, but so many push it away as ‘new age namby-pampy’ because life isn’t all sweetness and light. That’s true, of course, but embracing love does not mean covering over the cracks of life nor does it mean forgetting about our troubles and our fears.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Every Second Counts

Today is a unique day. There will never be another day like it. Tomorrow is a day away and yesterday is already in the past, yet no day is the same; each is unique. Yet how many of us spend each unique day thinking about the next day, week, month or year rather than thinking about the present moment? How many of us ignore the present and focus on moving forward, pushing towards goals, plans or dreams hoping that life will become ‘complete’ once we have achieved them?

Not the Moon’s fault, of course, but all of this pent up emotion has to go somewhere! The whirlwind of emotions that seem to be encircling and consuming each of us at the current time feels overwhelming; suffocating almost. Some days, the intensity is so profound that we can feel bereft one moment and euphoric the next, and living with such extremes can make life feel exhausting.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2013

Happy New Year! January looks set to be a month of re-focusing and re-alignment as we connect to a growing sense of stillness, both within and without. After a somewhat rambunctious 2012, January may feel un-eerily quiet, but this quiet should be celebrated as it allows each of us to come back to centre and re-connect to our essence.

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