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Today Mars, Uranus and Pluto join forces until 20th. This potent combination of cosmic giants may cause us to react to life in ways that create unnecessary disruption whilst contributing little towards our original intentions.

The Moon is now in Leo where she remains for a couple of days, flying the flag for the fire element in the face of an abundance of air and water energy.

So today we have a lesson in maintaining just such objectivity, first from the Moon and then from Mercury. Until the Moon enters Gemini at 15:43 GMT (31st July) she is Void of Course (free of aspects to any other planet), encouraging us, as I mentioned yesterday, to just BE.

At 6:35 a.m. GMT the Moon entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the place of new beginnings. This is of particular significance today because we are now receiving an influx of new and fresh energy, corresponding with the water element, which began on 31st May.

A common criticism of astrology is that it implies a lack of free will. People mistakenly believe, and even behave as if, the heavens are dictating the twists and turns of our lives, and that we’re somehow helpless pawns in a cosmic game.

Today the Sun, Saturn and Neptune join forces in a productive and progressive configuration which promises to help us along the way if we let it. This cosmic shaping reminds us that both ego and spirit have a role to play in our lives, but alerts us to the risk of mistaking one for the other. 

A few hours prior to the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Venus, ruler of Taurus, enters Gemini. Here we see a sensuous and earthy planet in the airy realm of the mind. 

Although this has been a challenging week for many people, the heavens speak today of an opportunity to stand back and take stock. They point to the value of giving ourselves and each other space to process all that has occurred in recent days. 

The Moon is now in Virgo and today she forms a Kite with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. In doing so she brings into focus the healing capacity of the Grand Trine in water which becomes exact next week. 

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