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Today Venus teams up with the North Node/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and, together with the Moon and Uranus, invites us to explore the realm of the shadow through new eyes. 

Awakening to Freedom
Jupiter stations retrograde in the 24th degree of Virgo at 3:30 a.m. UT on 8th January. Conjunct the Moon’s North Node as it does so, it reminds us that only by realising our true nature amidst all of life’s experiences can we honour the gift and responsibility of awakening.

With the North Node approaching Saturn in Scorpio, the domain of Pluto, laws are changing all around us, and I don’t mean the ones we’ve made up. 

Today’s Full Moon occurs at 11:14 a.m. GMT in the 27th degree of Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is ‘A Harvest Moon’, (nicely appropriate for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!) and this Moon shines her light upon the harvest we can now reap.

‘When is this all going to end?!’. Now there’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately! With so many potentially disruptive energies around us at the moment, there’s little surprise that it’s on many peoples’ lips, demanding a satisfactory answer. It’s a funny old job, being an astrologer. 

Mercury in Taurus connects in with the developing Uranus/Pluto square for the next couple of days, creating a productive irritation that can serve to propel us forward in some area of our life.

Today the heavens continue their encouragement to check out those areas of complacency in our lives, where we may have a false sense of security because we’re over-looking something. 

Between now and the month end we have an opportunity to experience some inner alchemy. Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto join forces to remind us that as within so without, and if we want to make the most of the new energies bedding themselves in around us now it’s not too great a step to do so.

Today the Moon and Mercury join forces in Taurus, with Mars trying to play ‘catch up’. All this Taurean energy around at the moment is helping us stay grounded in the midst of this eclipse season when so much is being stirred within us.

In Sagittarius, Saturn requires a broader view of our lives, beyond our personal present. It helps us identify connections between apparently random experiences and reveals how past decisions, attitudes and behaviours have painted the picture that is our life today


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