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During the month of March the cosmos wants to bring us face to face with reality. There’s no more time, it tells us, for pussy-footing around or tip-toeing about the edges.

We are surrounded by contradictory energies at the moment, which may leave us feeling that we’re not really sure who we are, what to believe, what to strive for, what to let go and whether we should even be wondering about any of these things in the first place! 

This weekend the heavens continue the theme of communication and finding our own unique voice. Our voice is our truth, it is the energy that courses through our veins and illuminates our spirit.

Uranus is now in the final week of its retrograde phase before stationing direct on 17thDecember. Between now and then it encourages us to reflect upon the past five months to discern its action in our lives.

Sarah Varcas > July 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

This month we are challenged to resolve early life issues in order to embrace our present and redesign our future to new specifications. The planetary focus is not on specific spectres from our childhood that haunt us per se, but upon the unconscious responses and reactions we learned at a young age, which continue to operate even now.

Today we encounter a waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (5:09 p.m. GMT). In the run up to this we have a Grand Trine in fire above us, firing up our enthusiasm and giving us courage to face the challenges of our day.

The Moon is new in the 17th degree of Taurus on 6th May at 7:31 p.m. U.T. In its darkness we encounter the creative tension between relative and absolute truths.

This long-awaited week begins with an interesting emphasis upon duality and paradox. The heavens encourage us now more than ever, to embrace the apparent contradictions and differences in ourselves, our lives and our world, and recognise their inherent connections no matter how much it may test and challenge us to do so.

Sarah Varcas > March 2015 Astro-Energy Report

The energy of the cosmos reaches us in waves. It ebbs and flows like the tide, high one moment, low the next, coming in, flowing out, frighteningly stormy then beautifully calm.

Today Mars, Uranus and Pluto join forces until 20th. This potent combination of cosmic giants may cause us to react to life in ways that create unnecessary disruption whilst contributing little towards our original intentions.


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