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Today Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, beginning a five month period during which boundaries within ourselves will further dissolve. We don’t often think about our inner boundaries.

As we edge ever closer to the eclipse season beginning on 13th October, Pluto and Saturn remind us that the only way out is through when it comes to the kinds of challenges eclipse seasons can present. 

Today Saturn turns direct after nearly five months retrograde. It does so just a couple of hours prior to the New Moon, signalling the importance of this turn about and the need for us to take note! 

Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini today, and is conjunct asteroid Hygeia as it does so. Here we see an alliance between the mind realm of information and communication, and the heart realm of healing.

This weekend presents an opportunity to return to centre, take a deep breath and regain some of the peace (or should that be pieces?!) we may have lost in recent days.

Today we have a choice, between forging the same old mental paths in our head, ‘doing’ life according to our habitual patterns of thought and feeling, or adopting a fresh stance and trying out a new approach.

The passage of the Goddess of Wisdom through the sign of words, connection and communication provides us a wonderful opportunity to share our own perspective of the world with others and allow them to do the same with us.

We now find ourselves in the immediate approach to the Uranus/Pluto square exact on 20th/21st May. 

The month begins with a powerful Stellium of planets in Aries (Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus) made all the more potent by its square to Pluto. Energy is building here.

As we approach tomorrow’s New Moon we may find ourselves wavering a bit, unsure whether we’re heading in the right direction or just kidding ourselves, along with everyone else.


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