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Throughout the first six months of 2013 Mars remains close to the Sun, sharing the same sign much of the time. This alliance between our unifying force (Sun) and our personal motivation (Mars) alerts us to the importance of careful reflection on issues of ambition and desire.

Fancy a dance? Because if you do, this is a great month for it! The style may change though, as the month progresses, so if you’re more of a Latin, jazz or avant-garde type of dancer, the first fortnight’s the time for you to shine, and if ballet or ballroom is more your thing, the final fortnight awaits!

On 30th January Jupiter turns direct, having spent the past four months providing us an opportunity to get to know our minds better and review how much power we allow them to hold in our lives. 

This long-awaited week begins with an interesting emphasis upon duality and paradox. The heavens encourage us now more than ever, to embrace the apparent contradictions and differences in ourselves, our lives and our world, and recognise their inherent connections no matter how much it may test and challenge us to do so.

2012 was a much talked-of year. Speculation about what would occur, how and what it would all mean was to be found everywhere! The Mayan Calendar Long Count is probably the most well-known of the numerous calendars and prophecies throughout the ages, which pointed to this time being one of great significance in the history of the human race, and of this awe-inspiring and beautiful planet on which we live. 

This second exact square between these two outer planets occurs nearly three months after their first square on 24th June. Back then Uranus was direct and Pluto retrograde: an indication of external events causing us to turn inward and engage in change at a very deep level.

People often ask me when the Age of Aquarius actually begins. It’s an interesting question and one which (in my humble opinion) does not have a definitive answer.

A common criticism of astrology is that it implies a lack of free will. People mistakenly believe, and even behave as if, the heavens are dictating the twists and turns of our lives, and that we’re somehow helpless pawns in a cosmic game.

Many will celebrate Saturn’s final departure from Scorpio. It’s been tough going. The combination of Saturn’s insistence that we assume responsibility for our lives and Scorpio’s demand that we embrace even the darkest and most difficult aspects of the self.

Ha! I can already hear the groans and cries of ‘noooooooooooooooo!!!!’. That whole Uranus/Pluto debacle was supposed to be over and done with, right? Well…. yes, and no.


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