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Selacia > Being At Home With Yourself - A Key Wound to Heal in The 2020s

With U.S. Pluto return energies putting a spotlight on the dark side of humanity in the 2020s, we're now able to see more of society's long-existing dysfunction. Other wounds in humanity's closet are very personal, impacting each of us.

Have you ever met someone you sense was born for something they are doing? As you observed this person, you likely noticed his or her enthusiasm and how it seemed so natural to be doing it.

It's part of the human condition to sometimes feel like peace is illusive and out of reach. How can this happen when we understand that peace comes from within?

Selacia > Decision Remorse - Be Willing to Change Your Mind

Ever feel indecisive about a decision you made that you were sure was right - and now question it? Don’t let decision remorse ruin your mood and inner peace. We've all been there.

Selacia > The Blessings of Feeling Lost - Finding Your North Star

We live in a rare time offering us the opportunity to bring our gifts and honed abilities into the world in brand-new ways. Ironically, we often can feel lost as we strive to find our niche and how to serve.

Selacia > The Gift of Waiting - Powerful Moon Process

Do you ever feel like you're waiting - for something to manifest, for something to end, or to meet someone important to your future? The waiting can feel like a painful and unmanageable void.

Selacia > How to Navigate Unwelcome Endings - Opportunity at An Ending

Our life cycles are bookmarked by beginnings and endings. From our very first breath when we begin our life, to our last breath as we pass, we experience countless cycles of change.

Selacia > Trusting Your Feelings - Connect with Your Larger Self

Being alive now can inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and to expand our view of how we serve in the world. To manifest our inspirations into physical reality, we must trust our inner wisdom...

When life seems uncertain, unmanageable, or simply too much to process - reset your focus to the little things. Indeed it's the little things in life that often bring needed moments of joy and meaning.

Selacia > Honoring the Divine Feminine - Solstice Rebirth

The June 20 solstice is an opportunity for a rebirth, one that honors the divine feminine in all beings. Indeed, an essential part of our mandate in the 2020s is to anchor this vital energy on the Earth and facilitate its active expression.


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