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Karen Bishop

We are still going through some re-structuring and the last few adjustments are still on-going. On Friday, June 29th, an energy alignment occurred that basically asked us what we wanted to do in regard to relationships. Did we want to move forward? Were we happy where we were? Was it time to part or to commit further?

Carrie Hart

Quado > The day dawns in infinite possibility

Today dawns in such beauty and wonder, fresh and new.  Let your heart be light, let your mind be clear, let your center be deeply connected and at peace on this beautiful morning.  Allow the morning dew to wash you clean of yesterday and its burdens and worries.  Allow the morning breeze to blow away any regrets from yesterday, from the past week, month and year. Everything that you have done has brought you here, where you stand now.  And right here is the ultimate place of action, of power.  This moment right now, holds infinite possibility.  All around you are infinite opportunities, sparkling, shining, catching the first rays of sunlight.  Ah, what a blessing it is, that that the night gives us this chance to clear away and start afresh with each morning.  Carry nothing over but gladness and joy.  Carry nothing over but love and light.  Be one with the new, the open, the possible.
Carrie Hart

Quado > All is One and All is Love

Today is a day to touch the heart of the universe, to touch the hem of God, to feel and be the great connection that we are, to be one with all of the love and joy that is. Today is a sacred day, so simply because it is, because you awakened with blood flowing through your veins and breath in your body.  Now put a song of joy and gratitude upon your lips and let that breath of life ignite the full joy that is yours to have, it you will simply allow it to be. And now, feel the light in your center.  See it glowing deep within you, this spark of light that is you.  Let the glow spread outward until it fills you completely.  Allow yourself to stay within this glow and feel and be who you are, the wonder and glory of your precious self.
Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff > The Art of Freedom

Beloved, of course, freedom comes from inside you. It may well feel to you that freedom, as well as lack of freedom, come to you from somewhere else. Yes, it is possible for you to be imposed on.

Hillis Pugh

Most choices in life are already made for us and by us. It is our heightened state of awareness that translates the choices and agreements made with souls we encounter in life. For example most rebellious teenagers say out of spite, "I didn't choose this family", when in fact they did. We have complete control over what we do, say and think. No one can impose their will on us, unless we allow it. Remember we are energy and will always be energy.

Cheryl Richardson

Do you expect things to be hard or do you allow them to be easy?  When something goes wrong are you able to step back and imagine a simple solution or do you automatically envision a major problem waiting to be solved? Recently I discovered that I belong to the worst-case scenario club I expect things to be hard. 

Cheryl Richardson

Every morning I wake up, make a cup of tea, and sit on the deck in my back yard to journal and enjoy the beauty of nature. I am fortunate to have a yard that is frequented by a variety of animals and birds -- deer, turkey, fox, heron, hawks, and even an occasional owl or two.

Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika Venia Benya I AM the one I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I take this opportunity to come into the space in which you share. This space is filled with light; it is filled with the energy of each one of you who are present. Not only those who are physically present upon the call, but those who send their consciousness through intention and those who will read and join this at another time.

Steve Rother
From Steve: The following was a live channel at the Week to Re-member presented in Ardeche, France, October 23rd 2001. This is a message is a call to action. As we step into the new year and into the fifth dimension, we invite you to join in the action as we now create the Sacred Room. From the Group: Greetings from Home.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Pinstripes over your gypsy soul

Your family and your society have laid out a wardrobe for you, clothing for the ways they think it acceptable that you be and act.  There are outfits for work, outfits for your role in your parental family and the family you have created yourself, outfits for you to wear to church, outfits for the art class and dance studio.  Some of these are very restricting and make you feel very constrained.  And none of them allow you to be all of the things you are.  For you are a great and joyous gypsy soul, bursting with colorful and bright talents and skills, creative ideas sparkling out all over you, deeply held beliefs shining within, fun explorations wrapped like bright scarves around you.  You are so many things, there is no way that a wardrobe created by society, even by truly wonderful and creative parts of society, is likely to fit exactly who you are.


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