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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2544 God and the World

You do not forsake anyone when you put Me first. Who was first to Christ and Buddha and Mohammedan if not I?

Gloria Wendroff

Above all, be true to yourself, and be good to yourself. Think well of yourself. Amplify yourself. Nourish yourself with favorable thoughts about yourself and others. Be in tandem with your self-regard and regard for others. They do go together. They are one and the same.

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Yael and Doug Powell

You are experiencing the awakening of Love in a new way, in the center of All That I Am. This communion that we share, beloved ones, is easy. It is your little mind, your ego that wants it to be difficult. It wants to convince you that it takes effort to make this communion appear and even more effort to make it the center of your life.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2201 By Chance or Design

God said: If you did not see troubles, would you have them? If you did not think of turns in the road as troubles, perhaps there would just be turns in the road. If you did not have the words for trouble, problems, difficulties, how much of them would you have? If you did not carry the concept of trouble, how fraught with trouble could you be? If you would view each event in life before you simply as an event in life before you, nothing more than a turn in the road, how much easier life would be. As it is, you even count troubles before they arrive.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! Have any of you been feeling the “strange” energy? This past month has been an interesting one energetically, but part of our process into the light. Many have reported feeling “displaced”, lost or disconnected. For some it has manifested in acute stress, “I can’t do this any more”, or simply a loss of zest for life. There is a strange emptiness and some edginess. All these symptoms are the same planetary energy manifesting in different forms in relation to each individual’s unique vibration. Being highly sensitive myself, I have felt it acutely. Even though we are always connected to source energy (or light), occasionally our planetary light connection waxes and wanes. It is like a big wave in the ocean that is either in or out. Since mid-June, we have been in a substantial wane. When we feel disconnected from source, we tend to disconnect from each other, there-by intensifying this energy even more.
Gloria Wendroff

Let Me speak to you of love:

Gloria Wendroff

Boundlessness is Our natural state. We, you and I, long for boundlessness. Of course, I don't long for it, for I am That. Yet so contrary is life on Earth, that you who are made of beautiful boundlessness, must set boundaries. Not only do you come up against boundaries in life that you don't want, you also sometimes have to set boundaries you don't want.

Celia Fenn
This message was received on the Venus Transit (8th June 2004) via Daniel Barnard,aged 4 months: Dearest human brothers and sisters, we bring you this message of Joy and Power at this time, because we are now bringing a powerful new energy to the planet. It is the power of the HEART, and as Venus transits your sun, the male and female energies blend into a prism of Rainbow light, and we, the Rainbow Children, begin to radiate our power into the Collective Consciousness. Our message is simple - but it requires of you, our elder brothers and sisters, to make a deep shift in your way of thinking, feeling and living. We want you to realise that we, the Star Children, have been coming to your planet in waves of incarnation since the 1970s. We have been coming to show you how you have shifted out of balance and how you need to return to balance so that your planet can return to balance.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2479 I sent you to brighten the world

Sometimes I have the impression that you think it is honorable to devaluate yourself, or dishonorable to value yourself more. I am not telling you to swagger, but I do tell you to honor yourself more. Honor your place in the world. Honor the space you occupy.


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