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Many are questioning the purpose behind their lives and searching for guidance and insight.  Very few are prepared to do the actual work that is required to shift and change, as our habitual way of thinking is to consider such questions as unknowable.

Spirit Pathways > Solstice June 2008 : Human Light Beings

Our Spirit is our most basic life force and is a force of protection and love that is firmly planted within each and every human soul. It is a force that is capable of incredible displays of strength and power, yet it is invisible and cannot be seen other than by the effects that it creates. We are unable to touch our Spirit, yet it is evident to us through our creations. When we honour our Spirit, we honour the deepest aspect of ourselves and we grow in wisdom, gaining faith in our Spirit and in the eternal and unquestionable protection of love.

We are living in the most interesting of times. This shift in consciousness is bringing to the fore ALL that we, as individuals and as a collective, need to change and transform. It is definitely not what many expected as the incoming cosmic energies get stronger and stronger...

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for February 2012

For many the past few months have been a struggled and a challenge to maintain a positive attitude when being faced with seemingly overwhelming experiences. It may help to understand that you are moving through a period of transition and as such we are all facing a process of deep inner purification. Your experiences will be forcing you to deeply and radically change. In the process of change you are being offered the opportunity to take giant leaps in consciousness and thereby gain access to a higher more sacred vibration.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for March 2010

As I watch the beauty of the Full Moon rising over the heaving ocean, I marvel at the magnificent power of Mother Earth.  It is this same awesome power, that we are being urged to awaken, develop and grow within ourselves.  The earthquakes, storms and extreme temperatures experienced around the globe reveal how we, as Human Beings, are struggling emotionally and environmentally to understand the massive changes occurring within our world.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report July 2018

July is a powerfully transformative month and promises to spiral you into the deepest parts of yourself. The Solstice in June paved the way for a jam packed, bumper eclipse season which starts this month.

Spirit Pathways > Gateways to Freedom - December 2009

December is an intense month with the energies flooding through the 12:12 Stargate, the Solstice on the 21st and the celebration of Christmas on the 25th.

As we enter into April a 7.2 earthquake has rocked Mexico and California. It’s interesting to note that there seems to be a significant rise in Earth activity. So far this year we have seen an earthquake in Haiti in January, one in Chile in March and now this latest earthquake in April. We are clearly experiencing times of intense energy and as these shifts in energy increase, it becomes vital for us to adjust to the profound and inevitable changes occurring within and without.

In the final days of 2012 a new energetic structure took shape within the planet profoundly changing everything and greatly advancing our evolutionary growth and development.  All of humanity moved through energetic gateways that indicated the final thrust needed to fully disengage from previously established patterns, structures and beliefs.

Spirit Pathways > 2011 The Year of Divine Wisdom and Love

2011 will see tremendous shifts and changes.  All that we have healed, released, realised and understood during 2010 will bring a surge of high energy into the first half of 2011.  Shifts will continue to occur within the collective consciousness bringing new beginnings that will become swiftly stable.  This will enable us to effectively cope with the consequences of our past choices, on both a collective and individual level, encouraging us to make the necessary changes and choices that will bring about a new balance.

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