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Over the past few months powerful waves of cosmic energy have been surging through the galaxy flooding the Earth. These energies have significantly increased the frequency of the Earth's vibration, shifting and transforming the energetic structures in and around the planet

Our world has shifted and will continue to do so as all of humanity is being drawn into a time uncertainty. There is much speculation surrounding this time of extreme change and transformation.

Human consciousness is being catalysed into a period of intense transformation and profound growth which requires us to reestablish and stabilise our energy within the evolving energetic grids in the Earth.

This is the tipping point where what needs to radically change in ourselves and in our world is being dramatically emphasised. The incoming energy is both unpredictable and volatile as it moves into every layer, level and aspect of our existence.

The ceaseless interaction of energies on the planet is generating enormous shifts and changes that are recalibrating our world. As a result, we are being gifted with a new sensitivity, which is awakening in us a deeper awareness of the Earth's energy and the changing cycles of nature.

It has been an intense year with many sudden changes, transformations and awakenings.  Truth is coming at us from all sides; some of it liberating and empowering and some painful and confusing. 

The incoming energy is intensifying the need for change and transformation both internally and externally. The energy sweeping the planet now is supporting the dissolution of the old and the breakdown of the very foundations upon which our reality was built.

The incoming energy is helping us to shift into a more balanced and harmonious method of action. Entrenched, unsustainable forms and outmoded personal patterns are likely to radically change this month as we are being encouraged to...

January marks the threshold of an entirely new and intensely personal phase of transformation. We are birthing new and radical ways of living and being that will ultimately have an exceptionally positive impact on our lives.

Moving through the current shits and transformations takes us beyond the enormous belief patterns of the collective consciousness and into cosmic consciousness.

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