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Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for March 2010

As I watch the beauty of the Full Moon rising over the heaving ocean, I marvel at the magnificent power of Mother Earth.  It is this same awesome power, that we are being urged to awaken, develop and grow within ourselves.  The earthquakes, storms and extreme temperatures experienced around the globe reveal how we, as Human Beings, are struggling emotionally and environmentally to understand the massive changes occurring within our world.

Spirit Pathways > Gateways to Freedom - December 2009

December is an intense month with the energies flooding through the 12:12 Stargate, the Solstice on the 21st and the celebration of Christmas on the 25th.

Spirit Pathways > The Pathways of Light - 11:11:11 Stargate

The Stargate opening on the 11th November 2009 indicates the acceleration of growth and development within our human consciousness.  It is within this Stargate that we will unite with our innate potential, that which is held within the invisible realms.  In this time we are to awaken to the knowledge that our ways of being and living must change, that we are required to hea

The energies of July and August created an opportunity for us to unite our Divine Will with the Universal Love of our Masculine and Feminine energies. We were granted this opportunity to find rest within the sanctuary of our true power to enable us to reconnect with the essential purity of our Soul.

Spirit Pathways > Gateway to the Stars

We are being gifted with a period of powerful energy shifts and changes indicated by the 3 eclipses occurring within the next 7 weeks. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th July will indicate the opening of this Gateway; the Solar Eclipse on the 22nd July will indicate the midpoint and the Lunar Eclipse on the 6th August will be the closing of the Gateway.

The Solstice of June 2009 will create a doorway through which we may enter into a full state of conscious living.  The activation of this doorway shall awaken a new awareness of self and will support us in revealing our true nature thus healing the illusion of separation that we have created.

As channels of creativity, our daily deeds express our reality and demonstrate our truth.  We each hold within our being a portal of energy that is connected to the energetic grid held within our planet.  We are therefore intimately attached to our beautiful Earth Mother and each time we touch the body of this Mother, our bodies are gifted with life and replenishment.  It is our respo

This Equinox brings the energy for a powerful awakening allowing for the birth of a new purpose. We are now being called to take a stand, to cultivate our faith and to take action.

During the time of this Equinox our core energies are being activated which allows for us to connect with the power centers held within our Mother Earth.

Spirit Pathways > Reconnecting to our Cosmic Origins

The energy of the New Moon of January 2009 has been intensely heightened by the energy of the Solar Eclipse.  It is during an Eclipse that the Moon, Sun and Earth are precisely aligned enabling electromagnetic energies from these celestial bodies to radiate together as beam of love and light towards our World.  This beam of energy creates an opening within the energetic grid of our reality enabling a shift, where old programs are erased, new patterns become available and higher dimensions more accessible. 

Spirit Pathways > The Wisdom of Shadow

As the energy of the 11:11 Stargate flows within and without, our minds begin to awaken to the change and evolution that is occurring within our consciousness.  The energy is moving directly into our physical bodies activating our DNA and creating sudden awakenings, after which our reality is never the same.  As our consciousness expands we are able to create clarity, healing and balance within ourselves and thus ignite the spark of Divine Life that is hidden deep within our Soul.
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