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Tomorrows New Moon energy is far more gentle than the intensity we have become accustomed to in the last while. However, there is incredible power in this gentleness as it offers us the opportunity to realign our head with our hearts.

There is a positive flow in the current of incoming energies creating an expansion that can at times feel overwhelming. Many may still feel worn down by the stress and strain of the past year making it essential that we maintain our energy levels.

The incoming cosmic energies will continue to move us forward fueling our need for progress in all areas of our lives. At the same time, we are in a phase of resolution which requires us to accept and trust the journey we are on.

Life feels pretty unstable in these times as the ebb and flow of the incoming energies continues to shift timelines creating unpredictable course corrections. At times it can feel like we have no control and no say in the direction or outcome of our lives...

As we move deeper into March we can expect a continued lightening of the energies. As a result, there is a greater sense of motivation and focus which makes a dramatic change after what seems like months of apathy and exhaustion.

Spirit Pathways > Imbalances Still Need Correction

This time of great awakening is prompting and provoking us to move beyond that which we have previously known and accepted. Permanent changes are needed as the old ways are collapsing and what has served us in the past is no longer relevant.

We are in the midst of some incredible shifts which are readjusting and recalibrating the energetic structures of our being. A new level of expanded consciousness is being integrated and grounded within the cellular structures of our physical form and our physical reality.

With the Full Moon waning the landscape of our minds is shifting igniting a deeper alignment with our hearts. This alignment is freeing us from the conflicting thoughts of uncertainty and doubt that sabotage our progress.

So far much of this year has held an unsettling and disturbing energy, which has made it difficult to find the calm within. Issues of uncertainty and self-doubt have clouded our ability to see a broader perspective of our life and the underlying purpose of what we are currently experiencing.

The energy of this past weekend’s Full Moon has us moving through a time of deep healing and release, which is enabling the clearing of the outdated and detrimental mental programming and thinking patterns of the past.

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