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A new era is dawning indicating a turning point for all of humanity. A turning point that marks the beginning of a new way of living and being for us all. A higher vision is awakening within us inspiring us towards a world that supports the full expression of our soul.

The Solstice is always a powerful time where we are offered the opportunity to shift from our past and into our future. However, this year something magical is occurring to quicken the Solstice energies.

This weekend we are being prepared for the upcoming Solstice. The Solstice is always a powerful time but this one is noticeably different as it coincides with the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and marks the completion of a vast cycle of growth, learning and development.

The intensity of the incoming energies is accelerating our awakening and healing journey. We are finishing off aspects of an old cycle and bringing to a close the ancient karmic entanglements that have kept us stuck in the past. 

Spirit Pathways > Changing World

This year has facilitated a powerful inner transformation. With so many difficult and challenging experiences we have been forced to face, process, release and realign our entire being.

This is a life altering week through which we quantum leap into a new dimension of consciousness. With this leap we are shedding old skin and releasing the karmic entanglements which have kept us stuck in old structures and the beliefs about what is possible.

Today we have an important New Moon Solar Eclipse. Eclipses act as doorways, gateways of choice and as we move through this eclipse and towards next week’s Solstice Conjunction, we are offered the opportunity...

In these final weeks of 2020 there are cosmic gateways and alignments occurring that will profoundly shift everything. These gateways and alignments bring some incredibly powerful energies, which will give us the final thrust we need to fully disengage from the past.

We are in a time of integration as we assimilate the upgrades, shifts and changes we have experienced over the past year. Anything that isn’t in alignment with our soul has been transformed, altered and or removed offering us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our intuitive nature. 

Spirit Pathways > Find Ease & Grace

Unexpected loss, sudden changes, challenges and huge shifts have graced all of us this year. We’ve ridden a pendulum swing of clearing and integration that has pushed us to dig deep and find the inner strength we need to continue.

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