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This is a powerful time of healing and development. New growth, expansion and possibilities have been initiated by last week’s New Moon energies. As a result of this shift powerful revelations and realisations are surfacing to support us...

Thankfully with last week’s New Moon there has been a positive shift in the energies. There is a new lightness to the incoming energies and they feel more dynamic and focus on action rather than the processing and integrating we have become accustomed to.

In the past year there has been much confusion which has made it difficult to see the path ahead. Personally and collectively, we have been shaken out of our familiar comfort zones and challenged to awaken, heal and evolve.

Spirit Pathways > Aquarian New Moon

This is a time of great awakening and with today’s New Moon we begin a new cycle. New Moons signify rebirth and the new beginnings. This particular New Moon is made even more potent by the 7 planets we have in the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Spirit Pathways > Have Faith

These times of uncertainty and change are encouraging us to let go of the ideas around who we think we are and the attachments to how things should be. As a result, we are having to let go of our reliance on the intellect and step into the mysterious depths of our intuition.

We are living in extra-ordinary times where the predictable, regular and expected flow of life has been disrupted. As a result, new and innovative ways of thinking and being are needed to prepare us for the very different future we are stepping into.

We are all individually and collectively moving through a period of transition that is teaching us to live honestly and authentically. As a result, we are in a process of deep inner purification, which is eliminating any of the unnecessary or ineffectual energy we still carry. 

Our current process of growth and development is urging us to learn how to live from an expanded state of consciousness. This state of consciousness asks that we perfectly balance our heart with our mind, our body with our soul and our inner life with our external life.

Without change there can be no advancement, no improvement and no evolutionary growth. Resistance to change keeps us stuck in the past and negatively impacts the survival of the human race.

When we assume that the world works in a linear, logical and fairly predictable way we limit our ability to embrace change and transformation. We expect certain outcomes and therefore become attached to the ideas of how life should be.

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