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The frequency of the incoming energies has increased significantly and is highlighting where we as individuals and as a collective are out of balance within the realms of the mind, our thinking and our consciousness.

Tomorrow the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 begins and ends on the 20th February. Mercury Retrograde gifts us with the opportunity to revisit, review and reexamine where we are now and where we are going.

Spirit Pathways > Full Moon

Today’s Full Moon signifies a crucial turning point in our current evolutionary process. It is a time of important endings but also of new beginnings. As such illusions may shatter illuminating our lives and the adjustments we are required to make.

Spirit Pathways > No Need to Rush

The incoming energies are gathering preparing us for tomorrow’s Full Moon, the first of 2021. This Full Moon promises to be a powerfully charged portal of transformation. It will gift us with the opportunity to really choose whether we continue perpetuating the habits of the past...

As we move with the ceaseless flow of incoming energy a new awareness is emerging and with it a recognition of the power we hold to create the life we are destined to live.

As we start the final week of January many are feeling exhausted as we continue to maintain balance in a world that seems to seesaw between extremes. We have entered into a brand-new world and yet we continue to be challenged by themes from the past.

The perception of our reality is dramatically expanding, which is enabling us to see beyond the boundaries of our past conditioning. The veils of illusion continue to dissolve and reveal the separation and disconnection that exists both within us and in our world.

Spirit Pathways > In Sync with the Universe

Our current evolutionary process is moving us beyond the old confused and distorted perceptions of reality and into a space that is in sync with the rhythms of the Universe.

We are living in a profoundly transformative time where all of humanity is being called to awaken, heal and evolve. As a result, it is a chaotic and challenging time as the external world reflects the incredible transition we are moving through. 

The very fabric of our society is crumbling giving us with the opportunity to break free from the chains of the past. Since the New Moon last week the incoming energies have been growing in intensity emphasizing the clash that is occurring between the old and the new.

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