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The "Twins"....and the Goddess energy clearing the "witch hunt" energy.....: The energy has been very intense lately, and I think many people are struggling to hold and integrate this energy. I have heard reports of women collapsing and passing out, and having problems with breathing and convulsions. Personally I have been feeling very "strange", and have not felt much mental clarity.

This has been a very powerful few days. The energies have been really high strong, and as Lightworkers we can go with the flow of these energies to create magic and miracles. Today, the 27th, was our special day for the Oceans, the Water and the Whales. Here is a beautiful image that was created especially for today by Rosemarinus of New Zealand. It is called "Ocean Goddess".

Solar energy...and working with your "base" note... Well, the past few days have certainly been energetically challenging. When I checked on the Solar "weather", I see that a new sunspot has formed, with the potential for a solar flare and geomagnetic disturbances.

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